Facebook, the social network giant, is available on both mobile and desktop platforms. : But their versions and user interfaces are different from each other. It is one of the favorite online platforms and people have been using it for different purposes. Well, the reason behind using Facebook may differ but the goal is to get a massive number of likes and followers. As WP Dev Shed provides vital information to enhance the engagement, Facebook users may find it helpful to grow their visibility. Recently the tech experts have stated some details about the Facebook desktop site iPhone. It means that all iPhone owners can avail the desktop version of Facebook on their mobile devices. Sounds interesting, right?

The tech experts have also researched and found out that the dedicated iOS Facebook application lacks some special features. And, those features are easily available on the desktop or PC version. In order to avail them, the desktop view of Facebook will come in handy. It seems that you are now eager to access your Facebook from iPhone in the form of a desktop view. Let’s begin.

Access the Facebook Desktop Site iPhone with Browsers 

There are three ways through which you can access the Facebook desktop version on your iPhone. And, they are here as follows:


Safari is the dedicated browser of iOS as well as Macintosh. With the help of this browser, you can directly access the Facebook desktop site iPhone. Open the browser and type “www.facebook.com/home.php”. It is the direct link to the Facebook home page. Enter your Facebook username and password to log in. 

If the home page automatically redirects to the mobile version, then how can you detect it? It’s simple, you can view the mobile interface of Facebook. On the other hand, notice the address bar, you can see an “m” is present at the front of the address. For example, “m.facebook.com/home.php”. In this type of situation, you can delete the “m” and type the address again. 

Google Chrome  

The Google Chrome browser, iOS version also has the ability to access the Facebook desktop site iPhone. The process is very simple, open the application and type the Facebook homepage address. After that, place the login ID and password to enter. If Chrome asks you to save the login credentials, you can do it based on your preference.

Request a Desktop Site, What is it?

Due to some obvious reasons, the Facebook desktop site iPhone might not open. Instead of that, you may see that the mobile version keeps popping up in Safari as well as Chrome. Safari and the downside app shortcut dimension has a feature which is called “Request a Desktop Site”. When the desktop site doesn’t open after inputting the web address, you can avail this feature. On tapping the button, the browser will redirect the link and bring the Facebook desktop version in front of you. 

Jailbreak, A Brief Perspective

On your iOS devices, there are a bunch of applications that come pre-loaded. And, you are not allowed to uninstall those applications. With the help of sophisticated object-oriented file handling processes, you can uninstall those applications, and the process is called Jailbreaking

It seems that you are a bit confused with the term. So, let’s make it simple for you. As you already know, Apple devices don’t allow external storage expansion. So, the dedicated application data is slowly and steadily increasing. Your device’s internal storage will surely run out of memory. Thus, people opt for the Jailbreaking process. 

Changing the UA for the Facebook Desktop Site iPhone

Here, you have to make the changes in the Safari UA, i.e. the User-Agent. This procedure will only come in handy when the “Request desktop view” is not available. The step is to connect the iPhone to iTunes. When the system syncs with the device, you need to download another application and install it on your computer, iBackupBot. 

After installing the application, don’t open it. Navigate to iTunes and select Device Preferences. Then, untick the option of synchronization and save the changes. Now, launch iBackupBot and try to access the Backup option. Surely, you will see a file named “com.apple.mobilesafari.plist”. Open the file on Notepad and scroll down. Find out “</dict” and place the cursor on the previous line to enter the following codes.


<string>Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/40.0.2214.115 Safari/535.11</string>

You have to modify the strings of your choice. Now, click on the Restore button and wait. When it’s done, launch Safari and try to access the Facebook desktop site iPhone. 

Can you Access the Full Features of Facebook from iPhone?

If you compare an iPhone with an iPad, then the accessibility of the Facebook desktop view will be different. Yes, you can access all the features of the Facebook desktop version, but the display of the iPhone is comparatively smaller than that of the iPad. So, in this clumsy view, you might feel a bit hectic while using the home page. In addition to that, with the help of TFT, you can zoom in and out to tap on a specific option.