If you are a user of Roblox then you may have come across a situation where you’ve probably been kicked out of the game. It is unnecessary and oddly annoying but if you’ve faced this today or before then you’ve come to the right place. 

Error 267 Roblox is relatively common than you think it is. Many users have repeatedly mentioned or more precisely complained about this issue. Before you can jump into the solutions, it is essential to be aware of what the error code signifies and how t triggers.

So, for a more detailed analysis of the error code and solutions, go through the rest of the contents written below!

Error Code 267 [ROBLOX]: What is it?

Error Code 267 is an error code that shows up on the screen and tells you that you’ve been kicked out of the game or you’ve been banned from playing the game. This happens, when the game is being played using admin commands. That being said, if there has been alternation used in playing the game such s changing the code scripts then you’ll be getting this error. 

Due to this, the game detects the activity as unusual or illegal. However, the main reason behind this error code is due to a script insertion by the developer which is illegal. The game analyses and becomes aware of the activity and hence it prevents the game from being hacked or exploited. This is how they do it. 

Other Reasons Why Error Code 267 Shows Up

There are many other reasons why you may see the error code and that also depends on what exactly is written along with the error code. For example, you may see a statement called:

“You were kicked out of this game: Self Moderate”


“You were kicked out of this game: Banned From Server”

While both the statements signify an issue with the Windows Firewall, there could be other possible reasons. Such as issues related to the Antivirus or Poor network connection or incorrect game data. 

1. Windows Firewall

If the bandwidth connection is low or if the wireless connection is unstable then that could give rise to issues with Firewall

2. Poor Network Connection 

If the network connection is erratic or very slow, then the ROBLOX game will take more time to load. As a result, due to input not being taken, you may get kicked out of the game. 

3. Blank Game

If the game that you’re trying to play has no content inside, then it is needless to say that you will get an error. It could be that the game is still under development and the game data is not present in the game. 

Like these minor issues, there could be several other issues that can give rise to the error. However, know that you have an idea of what could go wrong, you’d be able to resolve them better. Check out the solutions in the next category.

How to Resolve Roblox 267 Error Code?

In this section, you’ll find some key contents on how to fix error code 267 Roblox that you can use to resolve the Roblox error code 267. Simply go through them one by one below!

1. Use A Compatible Browser

It is no myth that games these days run on smooth and updated platforms. In that case, if you are using a web browser that is not compatible with the game or has not been updated, then you will face issues. 

In that case, it is advisable that you upgrade the web browser to its latest browser. As of now, Google Chrome is known to be the safest and most reliable web browser with its extensive functionality. 

Once you’ve updated the web browser, open the game and check if you are facing the error code 267 roblox again or not. 

2. Reset Internet Options

Try resetting the options for the Internet. Here’s how to do that:

Launch Google Chrome web browser and then click on the icon of a gear. Then go to the “Internet Options”. After that, select the option called “Advanced Options”. From there, choose the “Reset” option and then exit the settings. 

Now launch the game and start playing. If you face the error again, go to the next solution. 

3. Check Network Connection

You may have noticed that error 267 comes with a statement called “Disconnected”. This means that there is some issue with the network. It could be that the network connection is poor in strength. In that case, reset the network connection. Disconnect the WiFi connection and then reconnect. Or simply power off the router and wait for a while. Then power it back on and connect it to the system. 

Now launch the game and check if you’re facing the issue or not. Try using a LAN connection to check if the issue is with the network connection or not. If it works then the wifi connection was the issue. If not, go to the next solution. 

4. Reset Settings for Browser Security

Oftentimes, the security settings in the browser may not permit the game to launch. This could be an inbuilt protocol for security measures. To check if that is the case or not, do these steps:

Go to the “Settings” of the Google Chrome browser and then click on the “Advanced” option. From there, go to “Site Settings”. In here, check if the site has been restricted in the “Insecure Content” option. If it is, remove it from the content and then launch the game. Check if now you are able to play the game. 

5. Turn Off Ad-Blockers

If you have Ad-Blockers installed on the web browser, then you may have issues with launching the game as it can cause any game to load improperly. In most cases, it would not let a game load at all. 

To disable it, go to the “Settings” of the Google Chrome browser and then click on the option called “Extensions”. Now, check for Ad-Blockers and then click on the “Disable” or “remove’ option to get rid of them. Now try to launch the game. 

6. Reinstall the ROBLOX 

This is one last solution that you can try doing as it has worked out for most of the users. Try uninstalling ROBLOX and then reinstalling it. What difference it will make is that when it starts after reinstalling, the setting will set back to the default configurations. 

So in case of minor or major alternations done, it will start fresh. Once you’ve reinstalled ROBLOX, launch the game and check if you’re experiencing the issue or not. 


Hopefully, these fixes have been of use to you. If not then you can place your doubts on the comment section below to know further information.