Everyone loves to browse through different websites on the internet. It is evident from a study that on average an internet user opens nearly 20 to 30 browsers in a browsing session. But this rate completely depends upon how much internet capacity you have.

But there is one common problem that is faced by every internet user on this planet. And that is sometimes the webpages do not open or fails to load the webpage. I bet that you will also say that this is a very irritating problem.

This Websites not Opening problem generally happens due to several reasons like it is possible that the website you are trying to visit has server issues, an expired domain, host errors, redirect errors and many more.

That is why today I took the privilege to give you tips to fix this problem of websites. So just hang to the end of this article and you will able to find a relevant solution to your problem.

Reasons when Websites not Opening

So now that we are here in this section, I will list down some of the causes of the problem and will list down the solutions to fixes along with the causes.

1. Content Issues

It might happen that the website you are visiting possesses offensive or illegal content and is banned by the government of that country. Every year this thing happens with several websites and the bad news is you can do nothing to solve this problem.

But still, I won’t leave you disappointed and you help you with a solution. So in these types of cases, the fix is to use the help of a Virtual Private Network or VPN. There are several VPNs available on the internet.

So if you want to access one particular website which is banned by the government itself then you can visit the website by bypassing the website with a VPN.

2. Server Misbehaving

Websites use different servers to store their online data that they present on their websites. But sometimes there arises some issue with the server of that particular website.

This is a case that happens to most of the websites, mainly the heavy websites like any commercial websites or any social media websites face these kinds of problems as every day they handle a huge amount of traffic on their websites.

There are several reasons behind a server might run out of service. Such as

  • Power Outage 
  • A DDoS attack 
  • Hardware issues

If this is the reason behind the problem of “websites not opening”, then the user cannot do anything as fixing this problem is completely in the hands of the website host itself.

So all you can do is wait until the bug is fixed by the host or owner of the website.

3. Website Browser Fault

If you see that your friend is able to the same website you are trying to visit but you can’t then in this case you can completely blame your web browser application for this problem.

A web browser issue is likely to happen due to the cache, cookies or other certificate errors of your internet browser. So, in this case, you have successfully identified where the problem is.

Now as per to get yourself from this problem you can reinstall the browser application you are using. You can also try other web browsers and see whether that particular website is opening or not.

4. Computer Faults

There are many websites on the internet that asks you to disable your computer security systems such as your firewall or defender or your third-party antivirus software. Though it is generally recommended to avoid these kinds of websites.

This website can contain some malware that can ultimately harm your computer system. But still, if you think it is important for you to visit that particular website then just disable your system firewall from your system settings.

5. Router Defects 

“Websites not opening” problem can happen due to several reasons. And in the previous steps, we have already seen what are most probable reasons which cause this problem. So just like other reasons, the problem can be with your router you are using for your internet connection.

This happens when the router is unable to get the IP information of that particular website and is failing to open the website.

A simple fix to this simple problem can be done by just restarting the router you are using or you can also change the LAN cable which is connected to the router.

6. Flush all of your DNS Cache

I came about this problem from some of my friends who were using Windows 10. According to them, you can avoid this problem by flushing all your DNS cache. Later I tries out this process and came to realize that this process actually works.

So as per to carry out this process what you need to be-

  • Right-click on the Windows key on your Windows operating system
  • Then select the Admin Command prompt
  • On that command prompt window type in “ipconfig/flushdns” (without quotes) and press the “Enter” button
  • Once you are done with the above steps, now reboot your operating system.
  • While your system reboots the command will automatically clear all your DNS cache from your system. Now revisit that website and see if it’s opening or not.

7. Try different DNS

Every you visit on the internet uses a DNS server. The problem of a Website, not Opening can happen when a DNS server fails to get any response from your browser. Or when the DNS of that particular website is not working properly.

Now here all you can do is try another different DNS to access that website. There are lots of DNS available on the internet like Google Public DNS, Open DNS, and many more. So just change your DNS and see if this solution is working or not for your problem.

8. Disable your Network Adapters 

In recent times every laptop or desktop you use comes with a pair of wired and wireless internet cards used to remotely connect to different network servers. Both of these cards are simultaneous and can give rise to the problem that we are talking about here today on this topic.

A lot of users of Windows 10 have claimed that you can avoid the problem of “website not opening by disabling the unused network adapter. So you can also try this solution to avoid the problem you are facing.

To disable your network adapter follow the below steps

  • On your operating system open the Network and Sharing section
  • Next, choose the change adapter settings option
  • In that section disable all the network adapters other than which is active.

So Finally

You can now see that the problem of “websites not opening” is a very common problem and a lot of people around the globe face these problems while surfing online.

So if you are also a victim of this error then just choose a solution from the above list and get yourself out of this irritating problem.