Sony PlayStation 4 is one of the best-selling gaming consoles that you can afford. Have you played Final Fantasy 14? It’s an awesome game with two different types of gaming modes – Single and Multiplayer. The Multiplayer mode is based on RPG. Recently, while playing the game, do you see the PS4 ffxiv unable to download patch files. 

It seems that you are also facing the issue. The screen gets black when you try to update and get the patch files. On the other hand, the gaming console itself freezes, right? So, let’s get along with the causes behind the issue. 

Probable Causes behind the Issue

The error turns the screen black, freezes the gaming console, and interrupts the download process. It seems that the gaming console’s time and region are not set. In addition to that, if the master server is somehow down, improper DNS, network connection issues can be the probable causes. 

Get Along with a Few Similar Type of Errors

Apart from PS4 ffxiv unable to download patch files, you may come across similar types of errors, such as 30437, 30437, 30413, 25008, 20495, 20495,, 30413, , 25008, , 20495, 20495, 30413, 25008,10009, 11003, 30413, 20496. Furthermore, Telstra not working, error in FFXIV download, unable to install ffxiv, error in FFXIV patch download also fall into the same category. Let’s look forward to the solutions. 

The Effective Solutions 

To fix PS4 ffxiv unable to download patch files, you must follow all the solutions below. They are effective, and they will be helpful for you to resolve the issue permanently. 

Solution 1: Improve your Internet Connectivity

Perform a speed test. Visit a good and safe website to test the upload and download speed. As per the other players, your internet bandwidth must be at least 3 to 5 MB/s. In addition to that, check the ping with the help of Command Prompt. If you witness ping loss, contact the ISP as soon as possible. Lastly, if you are using a wireless connection, then restart the router to make changes in the network connection. 

Solution 2: Any Urgent Announcements?

When the PS4 ffxiv unable to download patch files, the main server might be facing some serious issues. Visit the official gaming forum where all players share their ideas. Check whether there is any type of urgent announcement of a game halt due to the server issue. Contact your friends and know what is working with the server. Lastly, the main server restarts to resolve any bugs or provide updates. The issue may happen due to this reason. 

Solution 3: Build Up a VPN

A VPN always helps you to secure the network. Especially when you are playing a multiplayer game, initiating a VPN is important. Otherwise, the PS4 ffxiv unable to download patch files. In addition to that, 30413, 25008 and 10009 errors can also take place. Select a good VPN, pay a certain amount of money for the premium version, download and install it on your system. 

Solution 4: Remove the Unwanted Folders 

Due to the unnecessary files, the PS4 ffxiv unable to download patch files. So, you have to remove it at any cost to fix the situation. Connect the PS4 to your computer. Let the gaming console synchronise. After that, navigate to the My Games folder in the system drive. Access the Patch sub-folder, and you will find another sub-folder named 4e9a232b. No matter what is present in the folder, select and delete it entirely. Hopefully, the error will not occur again. 

Solution 5: Alter the DNS

It seems that you are still using outdated DNS. Navigate to the Control Panel or Settings. Choose the Wireless Network Properties, select IPv4 and select the Properties. Delete the existing DNS and type in the preferred DNS. Apply the same in the Alternate DNS field. If this doesn’t work, then change the previous alternate and preferred DNS to If you still face the same issue, then contact your ISP immediately to get the new DNS. 

Reinstall the Game on PS4

It seems that the existing game log files are corrupted for some obvious reasons. So, reinstalling the game may be a good idea when PS4 ffxiv unable to download patch files. First, navigate to the PS4 dashboard. Find out the list of installed games. Select Final Fantasy 4 and uninstall it. After that, with the help of the original disc, install the game once again.