Crunchyroll is one of the well-known websites to enjoy anime shows for free. But, interruptions in anime shows take place when annoying ads appear. Thus, the Adblock for Crunchyroll is important. Due to obvious reasons, the Adblocker might face issues. Before you plan on getting the solutions to block the ads, you must know the types of ads that appear when you are enjoying your favourite anime show. 

The first one is pre-roll ads; these ads only run for 15 seconds at the beginning of an episode. After each episode, 4 ads will appear and run for 15 seconds. The Mid-roll ads run for 30 seconds. These types of ads appear in the middle of an episode. Minimum 4 ads take place 30 seconds each. And the last one is 4 post-roll ads at the end of an episode of 15, 20, 30, and 20 seconds each. 

Solutions to Adblock for Crunchyroll not working properly

It seems that you are viewing too many ads, right? Quite an annoying situation indeed. You also cannot skip the ads as there is no option. So, you have to find a couple of solutions when the AdBlock is not working properly. 

Solution 1: Update the Adblocker to its Latest Version

Crunchyroll updates their app as well as the filters to bypass the adblockers. Their main intention is to make you watch the anime episodes along with the ads. Of course, it is legitimate for them as they get paid by the product manufacturers on which the ads are based. But, you are here to enjoy the anime shows, not the ads. 

So, navigate to the Action menu of the Google Chrome browser, select More Tools. Choose Extensions and select the Basic Developer mode. Enable it and update the Adblock for Crunchyroll. Restart Chrome and check whether the ads are blocked or not. If not, then it’s obvious that you know the official website of the adblocker. Download the latest version from the official website. 

Solution 2: Change the Name of the Host File

Navigate to the system drive. Access the system 32 folders along with the drivers sub-folder. Select the host file and open it. The file will open in the form of a Notepad. No matter what is written in the Notepad, ignore it. Scroll down until you reach the bottom. Press enter and type Save the changes and close Notepad. This will make the default browser search for ads. Now, play an episode and surely the ads will fail to load. You will eventually get the skip option. 

Solution 3: Make Use of the Chrome Developer Mode

Making some changes in the Adblock for Crunchyroll, with the help of the Developer mode, might work. The extension directly syncs with the website when you install the Adblocker and open Crunchyroll. So, open the website and right-click on the page. Click on inspect, and you can use the Ctrl+shift+I shortcut to open the code page of Crunchyroll. 

Press Ctrl+F and type “Show request blocking”. From the newly created panel by the website, enable the Request Blocking feature. Click on the + icon and type, and add. Save the changes and exit from the inspect element page. The ads will not appear again. 

Solution 4: Remove and Install the Adblocker Extension again

If you remove the existing adblocker, all the log files will get deleted. This means that you can repeat the same installation of the Adblocker once again. This will initiate the new installation with the new log and system files. Navigate to the Extension section and remove it from Chrome. As mentioned above, visit the official website of the Adblocker and get the extension. Hopefully, the Adblock for Crunchyroll will work.

Solution 5: Switch to a Different Browser

Opera or Opera Mini can be one of the best alternatives for Google Chrome and its Adblocker. The browser has a lot of built-in adblockers. Hopefully, any one of the Adblock for Crunchyroll will work regarding the enjoyment of anime shows. It is better to disable all the Adblockers first. Turn them on and check whether the ads are appearing or not. 

Do you have any Guest Passes?

If you cannot activate the Adblock for Crunchyroll with all the above solutions, then there is another way to avoid ads: the guest passes. Crunchyroll allows the users to become a subscriber. If any of your friends is already a member or a subscriber, they might surely have a couple of guest passes. Request them to provide one to enjoy all the anime shows with them without any ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I block ads on Crunchyroll?

1. Go to the AdBlock website on your browser.
2. To install the extension, click Get AdBlock Now.
3. Then go to the Crunchyroll website and all the pop-ups will be gone.

How can I watch anime on Crunchyroll without ads for free?

You can gain unlimited access to the complete anime library and watch it without any advertising with the Fan plan. The Mega Fan package gives you access to streaming on up to four devices at once, as well as offline viewing.