Many people use laptops for various reasons. Students in different education levels have laptop computers to do their homeworks, activities, multiple assessments, and many others. Employees of different companies and industries utilize computers to do their jobs, projects and even finish their assigned tasks. 

Laptops are more convenient to use because you can bring it with you anytime and anywhere. However, when you turn on your laptop, it utilizes the entire system to function, resulting in heat. The longer time you use it, the more the temperature increases. Good thing that cooling pads are now available to help you cool down your laptop even if you’re still using it. Hence, here’s a list of amazing cooling pads that you should have for your laptop computers. 

Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

Chill mat and cooler pad are the other names of a notebook or laptop cooler. These are different names, but they all have the same meaning and function. These are used to avoid heat buildup on the laptop’s surface and even in the interior or operating system. The cooling pad’s purpose is to protect your computer from overheating that may result in various damages, and worse, accidents. 

The Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 is an example of a laptop cooling pad available in the market today. It has five fans on it that function at the same time. With this number of functional fans, it’ll surely give your laptop enough coolness to avoid it from increasing the temperature. Besides that, this particular cooling pad functions silently, so you won’t worry about getting disturbed while using it. 

Moreover, it’s also a cooling pad that lets you adjust the fans’ position and the proximity to your laptop computer. You can use it on your laptops that are twelve to seventeen inches in size. The design includes stoppers to make sure that your computer will not fall. Hence, the Kootek Cooler Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 is a good option for your laptop to avoid overheating. 

Tree New Bee Laptop Stand

The Tree New Bee Laptop Stand is another right choice of cooling pad available in the market today. It supports laptops that are within 15.6 inches and 17 inches in size. With its four different fans that are all in 12-mm size in the equal distance, it gives your laptop computer the necessary cooling air to keep it from overheating that will usually be at the maximum speed of 1200 rpm. 

The cooling pad has an anti-skid design on its two arms to give it stability in whatever surface you put it on. Its aerodynamic design intends to cool down your laptop’s temperature easily. Besides that, it’ll position your computer to view the screen and touch the keyboard keys comfortably. 

Havit HV-F2056

The Havit cooling pad model has a fantastic design of cooling your laptop while using it whenever and wherever you are. It has a slim design with about 1.2-inch thickness. It also allows you to make adjustments with its proximity to your laptop, enhancing its ergonomic functionality. 

Moreover, this cooling pad has three different fans with 110-mm in size that release cooling air at 1 000 rpm as its maximum speed. These fans will start to function as you use them, but they create less noise for your not to be disturbed on what you’re working on your laptop. Besides that, this cooling pad’s surface is wear-resistant to lessen the chance of accumulating any marks on it.

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad

Another cooling pad that is convenient to use is the AICHESON cooling pad model. Besides making your laptop safe from overheating, it also allows you to make adjustments to give you comfort and ease. Hence, the chance is low that you’ll experience any neck and back pain even if you’re using your laptop for long hours in a day. That’s why many people are using the AICHESON cooling pad for its feature and functionality. 

Moreover, the AICHESON design includes a silicone grip to ensure that your laptop will not slip or fall. The grip is made of rubber that will also reduce the chance of unwanted marks accumulation on its surface. One of this cooling pad’s exciting features is that you can put a laptop on it as heavy as 100 pounds. Also, AICHESON is capable of supporting any laptop computer, regardless of its size and weight. 

20 RGB Thermaltake Massive

The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB cooling pad model is known for its cooling capabilities and fantastic design. It is compatible with laptops in different sizes and shapes. That’s why many people purchase this pad model because it is a fantastic pad model to have great functionality and features for diverse users. 

The model design has five beautiful LED lights that will surely make you appreciate its cool looks. It also allows every user to adjust lights and fan speed based on their preferences and needs. If the laptop’s temperature is too high, you can speed up the fan and produce necessary cooling air to cool down the heat. 

Notepal XL Cooler Master 

This cooling pad is also known in the market today. It has one fan with 230-mm in size. The fan functions silently to avoid any noise disturbances. Besides that, it has a controller to manage its speed and the air it produces. In fact, it produces cool air at approximately 89.9 cubic feet every 60 seconds. Hence, the Cooler Master is another good option for a cooling pad for your laptop. 


Technology is an essential part of the success of most startup and established companies. That’s why many laptop models have been reproduced to respond to your needs. As technology helps you become more effective and efficient on whatever you do by using a laptop, you also need to take good care of it. Hence, lengthening your laptop’s life requires proper care, including cooling pads to keep your laptops from overheating. The list discussed above is only a few of those available in the market today. If you don’t have any yet, it’s time to get one to cool down your laptop computer when it heats.