Call of Duty can be somewhat intimidating for first-time players who may find themselves overwhelmed by the game’s intense combat system.
With that being said, the latest installment of the series offers something distinct from its predecessors, with Modern Warfare 2 delivering a far more linear game aspect. However, players have the freedom to traverse the expansive open maps of the game and explore numerous pathways to accomplish their missions.
One of the most attractive aspects of COD is that it keeps the focus firmly on essential, enjoyable gameplay, while adding features that make it a great challenge. To help you get started on the right footing, here are a few key recommendations for beginners in this game.

1. Prioritize Scorestreaks Before Killstreaks

To maximize success in the game series, players should focus on accumulating Scorestreaks rather than Killstreaks. And this approach remains applicable whether you decide to follow the latest Call of Duty bets or simply want to engage in the game’s matches.
All seasoned gamers are apt to rely on trusty Killstreaks for deploying drones and other rewards when taking on multiple rivals. Though, those inexperienced in gaming may be lacking the know-how necessary to promptly take out adversaries one-by-one.
Multiplayer matches give players the freedom to switch between in-game streak systems. Following the classic Killstreak system, which awards bonuses after a certain number of kills, novices may find it more convenient to go for Scorestreaks. This option still gives players access to special abilities and tools; however, they are earned depending on playstyle and individual performance as opposed to kills alone.

2. Reload While Aiming

For those who are just starting out, it is important to take the time to become familiar with your equipment. One of the best strategies to use during a battle is to continuously reload your firearm while at the same time maintaining a precise focus on the foe. This simple yet powerful maneuver can greatly improve one’s chances in an intense fight with a vast enemy force.
Suffering a defeat in the campaign or multiplayer mode is often due to a lack of vigilance relating to the movements of enemies. Keeping an eye on your adversary’s actions is key to success. Try to reload your weaponry while zooming in on your intended target – but bear in mind that this might also slow you down. Be aware of when it’s strategically suitable to judiciously reload and keep aiming.

3. Look For Alternative Paths

Shooters offer inexperienced players the freedom to explore various methods of play due to their improved mobility and climbing capabilities. Tactics such as flanking have always been a reliable option, yet its maps provide a range of alternative routes which can prove invaluable in regards to conserving time, supplies, and ultimately survival.
Unanticipated obstructions can be a daunting challenge for inexperienced gamers. The best way to outmaneuver adversaries is to locate alternate paths with which to circumvent the problem. Potential options include rounding the corner, utilizing windows, or exploring thin fractures in walls. However, it is necessary for those just discovering the game to remain watchful and identify advantageous shortcuts that will enable them to take back control of the fight.

4. Harness the Power of Killcams

Newcomers to Modern Warfare 2 may find it difficult to discern where shots are coming from due to the absence of red dots signifying enemy fire on the minimap. While this can be a source of frustration, players can use the Killcam to their tactical advantage, providing them with a clear visual of where their opponent is located and how they were taken out.
By analyzing the Killcam, players can expect the following:
● gain insights into the overall battlefield dynamics
● identify potential enemy positions
● determine the best course of action upon respawning
This knowledge empowers newcomers to adapt their strategies and keep from getting caught up in similar predicaments.

5. Consider Your Weapon Selections

If you’re playing MV 2, it pays to arm yourself with two different weapons that each serve distinct purposes. Rather than loading up on similar guns like an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, choose ones with different characteristics – the more versatile your weapons, the more effective you’ll be on the battlefield.
To maximize their effectiveness in battle, newcomers to the shooter genre should remember the importance of a balanced weapon loadout. Picking a shotgun, for instance, can cover you in tight confines, while a long-range rifle allows you to take full advantage of larger maps. Although luck plays a role in weapons acquisition, it is wise to prioritize a rifle to ensure that you’re adequately prepared when unexpected enemies make an appearance. For any shooter lover, having the ideal combination of close- and long-range tools can make all the difference.
Understanding the variety of weaponry you have access to and when the newest models will be released pays well. This kind of knowledge can assist you in setting goals and prevent you from wasting time on weapons that don’t provide any more unlockables.

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