The main task of addons for World of Warcraft is to make the gameplay more comfortable and interesting. With modifications, you can completely change the user interface, add new features to the game, and use tools to manage chat, friends list, auction, mail, and much more.

The use of addons has become popular thanks to professional gamers who have been using them for a long time. In addition, they offer a wow boost for players who find the game difficult to complete and have difficulties with some content. Among other things, players can buy in-game currency through boosting services and receive coaching services. Today, any player, even a new player, can play at a high level.

In this article, you will find the most popular and current versions of the official WoW Dragonflight addons for raids and dungeons.


Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

An indispensable assistant for any player who is planning or has already begun to conquer the PvE content of Dragonflight. He warns you about what abilities the boss is preparing to use, when you need to stop casting your skills so as not to get silenced, after what time adds will appear on the battlefield, and much more. If you want to strictly follow raid tactics and not let your allies down, you should download DBM.

Raider.IO Mythic Plus

An auxiliary PvE add-on that allows you to view the progress of players in current raids and M+ dungeons directly in the game. With its help, you can quickly assess the level of experience of those who want to join your group. In addition, Raider.IO shows your statistics, gives you the ability to copy a link to an extended player profile with one click, and much more.

HealBot Continued

Tops the list of the most popular addons for healers. It adds convenient raid/group frames to the game, and also has many useful functions: automatic removal of negative effects from players, healing of allies with one click, setting up macros with subsequent binding to hotkeys, and much more.


One of the most useful PvE modifications for WoW Dragonflight. Thanks to it, you will be able to accurately configure almost any information that you would like to see during a battle in raids and dungeons: stacks of buffs/debuffs, class resource status, availability of consumable items, important skills, etc.

Details! Damage Meter

A universal addon is suitable for both PvE and PvP. After installing it, a customizable window will appear on your screen, which displays all the combat information about you and your allies: DPS, HPS, interrupts, dispels, number of deaths, frequently used skills, etc.


Notifies the player that he is in the area of effect of a negative AOE effect, and makes it possible to find out who was the first to aggro the boss. Additionally, in the addon settings, you can enable special notifications for tanks.

Skada Damage Meter

A useful PvE addon that shows the damage done by you and your allies, incoming/outgoing healing (HPS), keeps a counter of interruptions, deaths, and resurrections, and provides information about buffs, debuffs, etc.

Method Raid Tools

Method Raid Tools should be installed on every experienced raid leader or his assistants. The list of features of this addon includes checking the level of equipment, the presence of enchantments, stones, and consumable items for all raid members, displaying statistics of healers and damage dealers, sending a notification about receiving positive/negative effects, etc.


If for some reason HealBot Continued is not suitable for you, we recommend downloading VuhDo. This is another modification for healers that greatly simplifies the process of healing allies and removing debuffs from them. It may not have as many features as HealBot, but it is quite easy to set up and use, which is its main advantage.

Raid Achievement

Do you like collecting achievements like professional players? Then you can’t do without RaidAchievement. The addon provides all the necessary information about raid/group/other achievements with the ability to configure sound and text notifications. Thanks to him, getting achievements has become much easier.


Another reliable DPS and HP meter, which is useful not only in PvE but also in PvP. It shows all the important combat information in a separate window and allows you to customize it the way you want.

BigWigs Bossmods

This addon can make life much easier for fans of PvE content. It displays boss ability timers, warns of dangerous situations, and changes in battle phases, informs you that you are in the area of a negative AOE effect, and much more. A special feature of BigWigs Bossmods is that all notifications can be customized: change their color, font, sound volume (or even turn it off), size, and location on the screen.


Astral Keys

The addon shows what keys for M+ your friends/guildmates have, and allows you to get acquainted with the list of affixes for the next week in advance. In addition, Astral Keys collects information about your completed Mythic+ dungeons and, if necessary, will notify the guild of the best result.


An add-on for the BigWigs Bossmods modification, which is useful for those who regularly go into 5-player dungeons. Thanks to LittleWigs, it will be much easier for you to follow tactics in dungeons and react in time to the abilities used by bosses.

Mythic Dungeon Tools

This addon is a must-have for every player who is focused on clearing Mythic+ dungeons. It allows you to coordinate the actions of all group members, makes it possible to draw a route on the dungeon map and share it with your allies, and shows the number of points that are given for killing a particular monster. In addition, you can download routes created by other players using a special section in the modification settings.

Modifications give access to many useful functions, tools, and settings that are not provided by the game developers. Install and use it, it will make your gameplay much easier.

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