Describing PHP in a single word is a tough job. It can be said that PHP is one of the most well-liked programming languages that is used for developing a website. PHP is ubiquitous and it is tough to hire a PHP developer among those who claim to know the language.

Many people believe that this programming language will be replaced by some other languages very soon, but even today it still stands well-built and even in the future years it doesn’t look like that it’s going to replace any time soon. So, if you have finally decided to develop your website with this dynamic language then it is very important to hire skilled PHP developers who can help to create a fully functional and scalable website that helps you to connect with customers in this highly competitive virtual world. Here is a list of critical questions to ask PHP Developers while hiring them that will help you to choose the best resource for your future project.

 Finding an average PHP developer is not difficult but hiring someone with mastery in this field requires a lot of time and effort and for this, you need a questionnaire to design a flawless interview process. 

Here are 7 questions to ask PHP developers that make your mobile app development project quite easier. Let’s get started!

Ask Basics about the PHP language

Start the interview by asking the basics about the PHP language. If you don’t want to irritate your candidates with a normal interview routine, asking them one or two basic questions that will make the process lit bit the interesting. You need to make sure that the candidate must have an excellent understanding of PHP and how it’s used in the development procedure.

Ask Specific Questions

Now it turns to ask some of those particular questions that will mainly depend on the type of knowledge and skills your project requires. Write down the list of PHP interview questions which will help to assess the candidate’s proficiency. The list should contain the server-side, database, and client-side related topics.

  • How does PHP session work?
  • What does ob_start do?
  • Name some PHP design patterns you have worked previously?
  • How can error reporting be activated in PHP?
  • How to use the image function in PHP?
  • Which tag is most usually embedding PHP into HTML?
  • Can maximum execution time be set in the PHP script?

Ask questions about their Past Projects

It’s important to ask the candidate about the last projects to know their proficiency. However, the project may seem very striking but ask about the part they played in the particular project. Ask them their contributions in the development part. Keep in mind that if their answers sound a little bit unclear, it doesn’t mean you should drop the idea of hiring them immediately.

Ask some Non-Technical Queries

In order to check the communication skills of the developer, it is important to ask some non-technical queries. Developers sometimes need to discuss common scenarios with other developers and non-developers so having good communication skills is crucial in the development part. This is something that helps you to find how they communicate, which is no less vital than their PHP skills.

Ask them about the coding style

There are a lot of ways through which you can check their coding style. You can use coding tests that are available online, but make sure that they are genuine world coding challenges and not some normal “textbook” related problems. You can also take their small test. Keep in mind; it’s not the last thing that matters for hiring the PHP developer. You just have to check how your candidate does the assignment and it is a chance to evaluate their work before handing them your valuable project.

Avoid asking stereotype questions

Hiring the skilled dedicated PHP developer for your business project is vital and for that, you need to be prepared to interview the programmer. Simply prepare a list of questions that help you to remember the right questions. Try to avoid the stereotype questions to judge or test the knowledge of the developers as it is not something linked to your project. Ask technical questions like how to use PHP to encrypt data or ask questions about some design patterns of PHP to verify the skills.

Previous projects

Before selecting a PHP developer, it is vital to check their past work. Ask them if they have worked on some projects like yours. Check customer testimonials and reviews on the development project that the developers have worked. If the earlier clients are happy with their work, then it is clear that you are going to hire the right person for your next project.


It is quite significant to examine and measure the performance of the PHP developer you hire for your next project. The questions mentioned above will help you in hiring the right PHP developer as per your needs and requirement. Selecting the right candidate is necessary to make certain that your project will be successful and runs perfectly.

The PHP developer will be responsible for boosting the website with the usage of most modern programming methods and strategies. In mobile application development, it is significant to have high-quality products at the end since it provides your business with various benefits. So, before hiring a PHP developer for your future project, it is important to make things clear to avoid uncertainty later.

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