Whether it’s a well-established large company or a small business, almost everyone has gone through losses in this coronavirus pandemic. Losing customers or not getting any new customers is probably the worst thing that can happen to any business.

Every business seeks growth and sustainability, nobody wants to get lost in unpopularity. There are two prime things that every brand should pay attention to while advertising; dynamic advertising and targeting specific audiences. Focus on these two things and you will see your business getting popularly slowly and steadily.

Based on the above two key points there are a number of ways you can promote your business to get more customers and popularity. Let us see the 5 best ways to popularise your business in no time.

1. Create Google My Business Profile

This one is not something innovative or out of the box but the most basic and necessary step of marketing.

Google is the biggest search engine ever with around 90% dominance. It means that your customers are most probably going to find you through google. The important fact is people trust google and hence listing your business on google will help you get direct customers who are willing to contact you.

After registering on My Business, your business will show up on google maps along with the directions and contact number. This is the best and efficient way to get local customers for the particular product or service you offer.

2. Trendy Advertisements

This one is probably the best way to make your business popular in the quickest way. People love to see innovative and creative advertisements which are relative to the current ongoing trend. In the current era, people love memes and web series. You can present or promote your business using the current trending memes.

No one likes to see boring ads, but innovative ads in the form of content they consume are the best way to get popularity among young individuals.

3. Observe Surroundings To Create Innovative Ads

Standard billboard ads with just the brand name and product are boring and most likely to be ignored. Instead of that, you can use the given space to create something different and funny. This kind of ad is called an environmental ad. Make use of surroundings.

If there is another billboard next to your ads, see if you can create something in continuation with that. Such funny and innovative ads are most likely to be noticed and shared among a group of people.

4. Arrange Contests

Contests are the best way to engage with the audience and promote your business. Arrange photo contests, short video contests, or mobile game contests. People love to take part in competitive contests. Arrange any such contest and keep your number of products as a reward for winners.

For example, Budweiser recently held a video game contest where the one scoring the highest points will win a certain amount of drinks. This gained a lot of popularity among the customers and their sales increased.

A photo contest is relatively easier to take part in than a video contest. Therefore, choose carefully according to your target audience to increase engagement. Use your social media handles for this purpose.

5. Influencer Marketing

Pushing pop-up ads on websites or boring video ads is becoming less and less effective as people tend to get irritated and ignore these ads without even seeing them. Therefore instead of traditional advertising, influencer marketing is coming up as a better alternative.

People tend to trust and listen to other people more than the banner ads. If their favorite YouTuber or Instagram influencer is promoting some product, they are more likely to take it seriously. Companies keep on gaining new customers as it reaches more and more people over time.

Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are the three main platforms where most customers and content creators are found. You can reach out to vloggers, streamers, Facebook pages, or Instagram celebrities with your offer to get into influencer marketing.

Talking about Youtube, choose the youtube whose audience is similar to your target audience. Check the section of that channel for contact details for business inquiries. Email them with the intention of collaborating and mention how the offer will benefit both of you. Share the complete offer details along with your chip business card.


Nowadays users are constantly being bombarded by advertisements. This is resulting in the ignoring nature of the users towards ads. Therefore the only way to get your business popular is by using innovative and creative ads that people will love to see.