Have you recently found out that you guys will be a parents-to-be? You must have started the preparation of welcoming the baby to your abode! Opting for a baby name is one of the most crucial decisions that you have to make while considering another criterion. 

However, the chances are higher than your spouse may forget about choosing a perfect last name for your cute munchkin. It will be a severe disaster if you fail to select one mistakenly! 

While most parents pick their family name as an actual last name for their newborn, many millennial parents nowadays incorporate their preferred elements to their babies’ last names. Are you also searching for the common surnames starting with A? 

Top 10 common last names that start with A

We have rounded up a top-notch list from CocoFinder to showcase the common yet the best list of last names.


Let’s get started with the list now: 

  • Avery

If you have pure English roots, you should prefer Avery, which is one of the most common surnames starting with A. The elements of ‘aelf’ mean ‘elf,’ ‘rich’ means ‘governor,’ which gives ‘Avery’ a leading meaning. Therefore, in short, the last name means ‘the ruler of the elves.’ 

It was primarily utilized as a patronymic surname when England started to acquire the previous names. While Avery was previously examined as a top-notch surname, it was a given name first. 

  • Arden

‘Arden’ is also one of the most precious yet dulcet last names, which means ‘valley of the eagle.’ The eminent writer Shakespeare illustrated the name ‘Arden’ as a leading name of the magical forest in its book ‘As You Like It.’ 

It is a powerful and stylish name that starts with A, possessing a robust and straightforward image. The name is also quite similar to ‘ardent,’ and it is a top-notch unisex name.

  • Auden

The soft-spoken and poetic Auden is currently considered a first-name option, which is utilized for both genders. It is also the common surnames starting with A and widely appreciated for their satisfying sound, meaning ‘old friend.’ 

This surname got so much popularity due to the Anglo-American poet W.H. Auden. Therefore, you must give your child such a cute last name, which he will love! 

  • Addison

The name ‘Addison’ possesses straightforward English roots, where it means ‘son of Adam.’ Due to its powerful English roots, ‘Addison’ becomes widely famous. 

Moreover, it has got so many appreciations due to the TV-generated character Dr. Addison Shephard, Grey’s Anatomy, where it took off predecessor Madison’s leading activity, which sounds modern and sharper. 

This common surname is widely accepted for baby girls, too, and it has become the most significant girl surnames starting with A. 

  • Adair

‘Adair’ more has a unisex approach, which means ‘shallow area in a river near oaks.’ It has a powerful Scottish origin, where it is named after a girl. This obscure unisex name consists of countless flair. 

At the start of the 1980s, it was identified as a girl’s last name, and over time it became a popular surname for boys too! For those parents, who have been contemplating its roots, ‘Adair’ was derived from the old English name ‘Eadgar.’ 

  • Anderson

The popular surname ‘Anderson’ was derived from a patronymic phrase ‘son of Andrew or Anders.’ However, being the common surnames starting with A, ‘Anderson’ shot up a bit on the famous names lists in the early 2000s. 

It has significantly become a prominent name because of the white-haired guy Anderson Cooper. Therefore, you might consider this name for your little one, and he will love it after growing up! 

  • Adler

This name ‘Adler’ is also a gender-neutral name, and if you are blessed with a baby girl, you probably named her this one. ‘Adler’ means eagle, which has sharp eyes. 

Such a common yet crucial German-Jewish surname is an appreciated name for boys, and later on, it has been selected by the girl’s parents as well! One of the influential public figures with this surname includes architect David Adler. 

  • Aniston

‘Aniston’ is another common surname starting with A, which means ‘Agnes town.’ It hits the list of top 10 surnames because of the actor couple Nathan and Leigh when they adopted such a pretty surname for the beautiful actress Jennifer Aniston. Your baby girl will absolutely love this cute surname gifted by her parents! 

  • Ashford

‘Ashford’ is a superior English habitational last name from any of numerous places named ‘Ashford.’ Such an enriched historical surname means ‘By the ash-tree Ford.’ Such a top-notch name has been elementarily utilized by parents who are searching for their baby boy names. 

However, appropriate differing forms of Ashford are Ashton forms, which were deeply favored as eminent baby names in the year 2004. So, it might be a bit outdated; still, it conveys its historical eminence. 

  • Alston

Do you know what the surname ‘Alston’ is the most common surname starting with A? Being a leading English language surname of Anglo-Saxon roots with diverse extractions, ‘Alston’ means ‘dweller at the primeval town.’ 

Furthermore, eliminating the letter ‘H’ off the cool surnames features a brand new cool name! The trend is exponentially increasing, and that’s why ‘Harley’ becomes ‘Arley,’ ‘Hadley becomes ‘Adley,’ and similarly, ‘Halston’ becomes ‘Alston. 

However, such a common surname is primarily popular in Glasgow in the 18th and 19th centuries and Lanarkshire and Ayrshire. 

Concluding words

The aforementioned top 10 lists of common surnames, starting with A, have significant meanings in mythology and older Latin, Greek, English, Celtic, and German traditions. 

All these surnames carry a meaningful personality or trait, which will suit your baby’s first names indeed. So, what are your favorite last names from the list? 

All these surnames are the embodiment of cuteness and illustrate the family history of your child’s ancestry. If you are adopting or expecting soon, just have a look at this list of surnames before naming your baby. We are 100% sure any of those enlisted names must melt your heart!