In today’s digital and fast paced world, emerging and advanced technologies are creating new cyber security challenges. It goes without saying that application security vulnerability is one of the greatest challenges for nine out of ten organizations.

Some of the reasons why web application security is essential are:

* It prevents the loss of your sensitive data.

* It minimizes losses and protects your business reputation (a security breach can cost you more than just financial).

* Security is more than just testing.

XSS (which stands for Cross Site Scripting) is one of the most common cyber attacks. It allows attackers to sneakily inject malicious code into your web page, making angular XSS learning a necessity.

Such code injection can then perform different actions such as impersonating the user or stealing confidential and personal user data.

All in all, no industry sector is one hundred percent safe from web application security breaches. We also encourage you to check: