We are living in a world where we are working on making flying cars and people are buying land on mars. Don’t you want to get benefit from the technologies from which millions of people are saving money and are more convenient from all aspects? The Internet has not just changed the way we think and do work, it has changed our lifestyle, and what is so bad about it? Isn’t the whole purpose of new technology is to give you comfort and ease? Where people are taking advantage of the internet in different ways, why shouldn’t you save some bucks and get better services?

Students who were taking physical classes are now getting enrolled in the virtual education system as it’s more flexible and cost-effective. People are working from home and saving their traveling costs and they are not restricted to 9 to 5 schedules. They now work at their convenience. Who likes restrictions? Well, I don’t like restrictions and when I have other ways to do things that offer me comfort and can be cost-effective for me, I’ll give it a shot at least.

When it comes to streaming and cable TV service, we still hear that there are millions of people who are using cable TV services and there’s nothing bad about it. Companies like Optimum cable still deliver the TV services to the customers who are concerned about the live TV with an amazing channel lineup that millions of people are still using. But if we do a comparison of both services, you cannot deny the fact that the streaming services are way better than the cable TV service but again it all depends on your usage. If you like to watch Live TV for sports, news, or TV shows then you might like TV services but if you want flexibility and you are looking for something which is cost-effective and offers you amazing services with brand new content then you might like streaming services more than the cable TV services.

To get the streaming service, all you need is an internet connection and a device that supports these streaming apps. Many internet service providers offer amazing promotions and price lock-in for a year or two without any contract. You can use the streaming service on any smart device and that can be your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or even your laptop.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of streaming services.

Benefits of streaming service:

There are many benefits of streaming services. We are going to discuss a few benefits and advantages of streaming services.

  • Cost-effective

While getting any service or product, one of the most important things you have in your mind and the point for major consideration should be the budget. Where we get a lot of channels with the cable TV service, there are a lot of channels which we don’t even want or we don’t even see but we pay for them and that’s nothing but stupidity. Why should we pay for something which we don’t even want? That doesn’t make any sense.

Apart from the channels, there are a lot of extra costs which the cable companies charge us every month. For the cable TV service, you pay extra for the cable box to get the services every month on top of the services charges. Then there are charges like broadcast fees and other taxes.

When we talk about streaming services, there are no such charges. There will be just a monthly subscription charge and you can watch your favorite show, anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a cable box to get the streaming service. You just need to download the app and login into your account and you will get access to all the TV shows and movies.

  • Convenience

When it comes to convenience and flexibility, streaming service offers you more convenience and more flexibility than the cable TV service. If you have a streaming service, you don’t need to sit in front of your TV to watch your favorite movie or show, you can watch your favorite show and movies anywhere, anytime. If you are at your friend’s place or even if you are in a different city for some work, you can still watch your favorite TV show anytime. There will be no restriction.

If you are going to a different city or at a place where you know that you will be facing an internet connectivity issue but you want to watch a movie at night after work, you can just download the movie and can watch the movie later offline.

  • Ad-free content

While watching content on the cable TV service, the most frustrating thing is the ads. You get really frustrated when you are watching something and you are really enjoying it but out of nowhere ads start coming up, it affects your mood and ruins the watching experience. With the streaming service, you can watch your favorite movie or TV show without commercials or ads. When you are watching your favorite movie or TV show and you are at the climax and an ad comes, it feels like throwing your device in the dumpster because it’s super frustrating, and the sad part is that you can’t do anything about it. With the streaming services, there will be no such frustration.

  • No-Commitment policy

Many service providers providing cable TV services are offering plans without a contract but then many companies offer plans with a contract and if you want a plan without a contract, you are going to pay extra bucks each month, and that too on top of your service charges. With the streaming service, another best part is that you will be getting the services without any kind of contract, which means that even if you cancel your services due to any reason, you won’t be paying any termination charges.

Summing it up

It all depends on your usage. If you are okay with paying more and want live channels then you can go with the cable TV service but if you like a service that offers you more flexibility and is cost-effective then you must go for the streaming services. Many cable companies have started giving streaming services so if you want some live TV streaming services, you can ask your cable company and see what they have for you in-store.