The majority of people always end up searching for easy ways to hack wifi passwords. Whether you’ve simply forgotten the password or you’re in need to use someone else’s network without their knowledge, the idea still makes people want to know the ways. 

However the word, “Hacking” is the word of caution. But there’s one thing you should keep in mind. As easy as it seems, it isn’t most of the time. Also, it depends on the network that prone it is for access. To get more information on wifi password cracker, go through the rest of the contents below on wifi password hacker!

Hacking Wifi Password

So how to hack wifi password? Hacking the password of a certain wifi connection is not complex. The process is relatively simple but here’s what the problem is. It could take you long hours before you can get access even though you finish the process quickly.

If you are in dire need of a wifi connection, then going to a public place where a free wifi connection is available, is advisable. Such as shopping malls, coffee shops, etc. But, if you have plenty of time and would like to do it for fun, then sit back and prepare to do so.

What are the types of Wifi? 

Before you can start to prepare how to hack the password of a certain wifi connection, there are a few things to consider:

At first, you need to know which type of wifi connection you are about to access. As wifi connections have 2 different types with 2 different security protocols, it is essential to know which type you are choosing.

Currently, there are two types of wifi connections. WPE and WPA. WPE is known to be the older version that is more permeable than the current one which is WPA and WPA2.

If the targeted wifi connection has a WPE type, then you’d be at ease knowing that it can be cracked. The technologies used in this type of wifi are old and security measures are not too aggressive.

But, if the targeted wifi connection is of WPA type, then you might face difficulties in cracking it. Additionally, you’d have to put more effort and be patient for long hours till you successfully crack it. This is because WPA has high-security protocols that ensure the safety of the network. It is built in such a way that intruders cannot easily enter the network and use it. 

What is WEP?

WEP is also known as Wired Equivalent Privacy. It is a type of security protocol, introduced for the IEE 802.11 standard. What it does, encrypts the data that is passing through the network channel. This is to protect it from phishing attacks by intruders. Also, it uses an algorithm called RC4 to produce stream ciphers for encryption purposes. 

What is WPA?

WPA is also known as WiFi Protected Access. Similar to WEP, it is also a security protocol that secures the loopholes caught in the WEP protocol. So, it is much secure than WEP as it has higher security values. Where WEP uses 28 bits, WPA uses 48 bits.

How to Crack Password of WiFi?

So how to hack wifi? If you are prepared to hack the password of a wifi type WPE, WPA, and WPA2, then go through the rest of the contents below!

1. WiFi Cracko Application

This application program is meant to crack the password of wifi connections having type WPE, WPA, and WPA2. It would only take you a few minutes to get it done. The application can be found on the internet but make sure you get it from a trusted official website.

The application supports operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

Once you download the application, open it and you’ll see instructions to crack a wifi network. Also, it lets you know the network type even if you do not have a clue. The application program takes some time to crack the password of the wifi connection. Once it is done, you’ll be shown the password of it. 

2. Kali Linux

Another way you can crack the wifi password is by installing the Kali Linux machine on the system.

You can download the program from its official website. The way Kali Linux is built, it can work for and against the security system. What it does, is allow the system to configure the network and their respective passwords.

Keep in mind that before you install the software, you must have space on the disk up to 20GB. Also, make sure that you install it on USB or CD so that you can use it live.

Once it is installed, you’ll see that it will ask you for a hostname, time zone, and password. Then, you’d have to make a selection in LVM.  The purpose of this is that you can now transport the system on a USB drive or a CD.

Then you’d have to make another password which you can use each time you boot to the Kali system. Then click on the “continue” option so that you can boot the Kali System. 

Hack WPE Network 

The next step after the Kali system installation is that you have to boot it and then launch a new terminal of Windows. Here’s where you can enter the commands. So let’s begin:

Step 1
  • Write “ifconfig” in the command section to launch the information of the system and the adapter. If you see WLAN on the left side, then the rest of it is the information of the system and the adapter.  Note it somewhere so that you don’t forget later on. 
  • Then disconnect the connect wifi that you are connected to. After that, go to the terminal box so that you can go to “airmon-ng check kill”. The command signifies that the system will not connect to any network until the time you restart the system.
  • The next thing to do is, to get information about the network. So, go to the command box and type, “airdump-ng (interface)”. This command will give you a list of all the networks that are available close to you. 
Step 2
  • This step is the main step as it deals with hacking. Once you find the targeted network, use the Ctrl and the “C” button so that you can stop the system from refreshing. Then select the target wifi network. Then, enter the command called “reaver -I(interface) -b(BSSID) -vv -K 1”.
  • Now fill up the following information box with the ones you got in the last step. Now the hacking procedure will begin. If the password is too complex and difficult to crack then it could take longer than usual. Otherwise, it should take a few minutes to crack the password. 
  • Once it is done cracking the password, you should see something like this in the following line: WPAPSK[password]
  • Now that the password has been successfully generated, you can connect to the network using the password. 

What are the Types of Network Hacking? 

There are three types of hacking that occur when a person is hacking a network. Here’s what hacking consists of:


When a data packet is sent over the network, the intruder intercepts the data. The same data is then decoded to get information out. This is known as sniffing. 

DoS (Denial Of Service) Attack 

This type of attack stops the receiver from receiving the data packets. Or in other words, users are denied the resources that are asked for. 

Man In The Middle Attack 

The second type of hacking is the DoS attack. Here, eavesdropping occurs. when the data packet is sent over, the intruder eavesdrops on the information.

Now that you have an idea of how to hack the wifi password, get started!