Have you been wondering about how to find that one person you haven’t reached out to in a long time? Maybe you just know the name and not anything else but you don’t know how to find them. Well, zabasearch is built to fulfill that. Using Zabasearch, you can look up a person on the internet, using their name, or address or even phone number.

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ZabaSearch: What Is It? 

You can call it a tool that lets you find people on the internet using certain algorithms. The tool itself can be considered as a gateway to a database that has information on people. With additional charge, you’d be able to retrieve more information out from them. The database collects information from sources all around the globe.

 If you have pieces of information regarding the person, then Zabasearch will search the person based on the specifications you mention. Such as social media profiles, yellow pages, marketing forms, etc. In addition to that, you can also erase traces of your personal information from the internet world. 

One thing you should keep in mind and that is Zabasearch has no authority in keeping information. It is only a search algorithm that lets you find people easily based on pieces of information. 

The Controversy Regarding What ZabaSearch Does!

As much as ZabaSearch is useful for people, there are questions that have been bothering people around the world. The controversy is about the information of people out on the internet without any encryption protection. 

But make the matter clear, Zabasearch is merely a search algorithm that indexes personal information of people that is already available on the internet. 

Here’s an example that would make it clear. If you’ve gotten married or gotten divorced or bought an apartment, and participated in a political campaign then the records will be up on the internet. It is unlikely that you have no information on the internet unless you’ve managed to wipe away all records.

How to Search for People using ZabaSearch?

If you want to search for a particular people then you‘d have some means through which you can search, something that is distinctive to that person. Here are the following ways you can search for a person:

1. Search Using the Name

The first thing to do is, open your web browser, and then go to the official website for ZabaSearch. Then, you’ll see a field where you’d have to type in the name of the person you want to search. You can also filter the search by selecting the state.

Simply enter the first name and the last name of the person in the blank field and hit the “Search” button. If you end up finding the one you’re looking for, then great! If not, then there is another way you can search for it. 

2. Search Using the Phone Number

Just below “Search Name” you’ll see a category called “Search By Phone Number”. Go there. You may have received a miss call from a person you have no idea about. Here’s when this search will be useful to you. You’d be ab;e to get information on who is associated with the number.

Simply enter the number in the blank field and then hit the “Search” button. The person associated with the number will show up in the result. Again, if you fail to find the person, then there is one more way you can try searching for it.

3. Search Using Advanced Search 

At the top panel, you’ll find an option called “Advanced Search”. Click on it. There, you’ll find a tool called “Advanced Search For Common Names”. Use that to find people. You’ll have more than one specification to filter the search. Such as middle name, city, state as well as address of the person.

Once you’ve entered the following specifications, you can also add one more filter to make the search more advanced. And that is the age of the person. However, if you are unaware of the age of the person, then you can simply select the “All Age’ filter and hit the “Search” button.

Can You Remove Personal Information from ZabaSearch? If Yes, then How? 

Having your personal information out on the internet can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Many people prefer privacy and do not want random people to search for them. Or maybe the information about you on the internet is not correct. What to do in such cases? Well, you can try removing it from ZabaSearch. Here’s how you can do it.

But before you do anything, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. If you erase your information from Zabasearch then that the source it retrieved the information from wouldn’t erase it. You’d have to separately go to the source and remove it.

This is because Zabasearch only helps you search for what is already present on the internet. By removing it from Zabasearch you’d only be erasing it from its directory and not the actual source of it. 

So How to do it? 

Zabasearch consists of a form called “Opt-Out”. This form works as a request to the team to let them know you’d like your information to be out from the database.

In the form, you’d have to mention the email address of yours and information that is out on the database, which also you’d like to remove. And then finally, sign the request to get them out from the database.

Once you’ve submitted the request form to the team, it will take a week to process it. Then within the time period, your information will be released or rather removed from the database. Then nobody would be able to find your information of yours on Zabasearch. 

Does Zabasearch have a Paid Search?

Well definitely that is a yes it does. However, there are charges as per the depth of the search. For example, if you’d like to search for a person’s education or social media profile, then you have to pay a charge of 95 cents. 

If you’d like to search for reports for a person such as their marriage reports, or public property, then you’d have to pay a higher charge of $39.95. So the deeper the search is, the more the charge is.

Now that you know what Zabasearch is, it would not take you much time to look for the person you seek to find, with genuine intentions of course!