It has been quite some time since the launch of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Many Xbox players have started speculating about the next series of Xbox controllers. They have various reasons to look forward to its launch after all. 

You might find many features available on the series 2 controllers continued on the series 3. Apart from that, you would also expect some great new features on it as well. 

Unfortunately, not much information is available about the upcoming series of Xbox controllers as of now. 

So, we can only take a look at various speculations about the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 – the release date, features, and price, among other things. 

Release Date

Microsoft has not announced a new series of controllers for Xbox consoles yet. The latest series of controllers was launched back in November 2019 as you might know. 

Also, the current series works quite well on the latest Xbox consoles. So that could be the reason why Microsoft has not made any announcements regarding series 3 controllers yet. 

You must note that the first Xbox Elite Controllers Series was launched in 2015. If Microsoft maintains the same interval as that between the launches of the first two series, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 might be launched in 2023. In that case, you probably need to wait longer for the manufacturers to make an announcement. 

How to Know the Release Date of the Series 3 Controllers when Microsoft Announces?

You can know about all the latest announcements from Microsoft through their official news website. They would surely post updates regarding the Series 3 controllers for Xbox there. 

So, you might want to keep an eye on the official Microsoft news website. It can be quite helpful to you in finding out the release date for Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. 

Apart from that, you can also keep an eye on Microsoft’s, or Xbox’s official social media accounts for the announcement. A lot of people do the same as Microsoft posts all of their important announcements there. 

So, you probably would not miss the release date announcement by following Microsoft and/or Xbox on social media. 

Features and Specifications

As in the case of the release date, Microsoft has also not made any announcements regarding the features and specifications of the upcoming controller series. So, you might need to wait for some time to know the exact features. However, it is not very hard to speculate the features that the new series of controllers would feature. 

The people who have used the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 know well about its great features and performance. Microsoft would probably continue all of these noteworthy features on the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. Also, we probably cannot expect many changes to the design as it is already great. 

The Share button is among the most speculated additions that the new series of controllers might feature. Many players are also speculating that the new controller series would come with d-pads. 

What can You Expect from the Elite Controllers Series 3?

The upcoming series of Elite Controllers would probably offer you the same things as the previous series and more. So, you might expect an enhanced gaming experience with the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. 

Here are some of the things that the upcoming Xbox Elite Controller series would probably offer you:

Optimisable for Your Requirements

Like the previous series, the upcoming one would also hopefully feature interchangeable components. After all, it is one of the most significant features of the Xbox Elite Controllers. So, Microsoft would surely continue it on the new series they would launch. 

The greatest benefit of this feature is that it makes the controller optimised for each game. Now, that helps to ensure the best experience you can get while playing the games. 

You would probably find shorter hair trigger locks, wrap-around rubberised grip, and adjustable-tension thumbsticks as well. These features are some of the most significant ones that made the previous series worth buying. 

Enhanced Performance

The needs for competitive gaming are of a wider range nowadays than ever before. So, you need the type of controller for your Xbox that can meet all of those requirements. 

Same as its predecessor, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 should be able to do that perfectly. If anything, it might offer you a more enhanced performance than both of its predecessors. 

So, you can expect more enhanced aiming, faster firing and more ease in staying on the target. 

Easy Profile Swapping

The ease of swapping between multiple profiles is yet another popular feature of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. So, you might get it on the upcoming series of controllers as well. 

The Profile button is probably one of the most helpful features on the Elite Controller. That is why Microsoft would definitely include it on the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. 

The latest series of controllers allows you to save and switch between as many as 3 profiles. Depending on the features that Microsoft adds to the upcoming series, this number might increase. 

Compatible With Multiple Platforms

The latest Elite Controller series allows you to connect to various platforms apart from Xbox consoles. Now that includes your Windows PC and even mobile devices, among others. 

You have surely found this to be one of the most significant features of this series of controllers if you have used them. So, you might hope for the same range of compatibility, if not an enhanced one, in the upcoming series.

The current range of compatibility you get on the Xbox Elite Controllers is usually quite sufficient. However, an enhancement to this range would surely be helpful to a lot of players. 


The latest Elite Controller series has a starting price range of $130 currently. Depending on the new features, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 might have a significantly higher starting price than that. 

According to some speculations, it might sell at a range starting from $180-200. However, it is not yet clear whether they would be worth their price as there are no announcements about the features and performance. 

Do You need the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3?

If you have the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, you would want to wait for Microsoft to announce the new series. You must compare the features of the two series and determine whether you need the new one.