Ever wondered how can one carry out wireless electricity transmission? And transmit so much of electric power just through thin air. We’ve got here the answer that you’ve been looking for till date.

And props to you for asking this question, as you’re going to not only find out how this works. But with that, you’re going to find out all the benefits that a lot of people worldwide can enjoy. All thanks to such a  marvelous technology. But guess what?

This isn’t anything totally new and out of the blue. As this has been around for a hundred years as of yet.

Just that, over the years we have become more efficient with the handling of such a technology. Being conversant to the proper use of the technology, we can presently derive more out of the whole system, thereby making it commercially viable. This wasn’t the case back then.

Also, what’s the point of using technology if we can’t use it fully to our advantage. So, we’ve discussed all wireless power transmission applications here in this article. Now, let’s dive right into it. 

How Wireless Electricity Transmission Technology Works?

When discussing technologies like these, seeking in-depth knowledge about the way it works, the functional quality and the overall benefits one may derive out of them is an absolute prerogative. That’s why it’ll be best if I can the principles and the overall operational as well as functional attributes of a wireless power transfer.

And when talking about principles, Induction comes first to our mind.  Essentially speaking, Induction is the name of the game.

Electromagnetic induction is how we can get power from one source to another. Without the need of any physical connection in between the two.

To just touch upon the principle of function, it’s from the 3rd law of electromagnetic induction. Where a changing electromagnetic field from a circuit, creates potential in another in its field. And this is how we’re going to transfer power from one source to another.

But let’s be honest, as of the time you’re reading this article. There are newer and better ways to do so. All for the purpose of making the process of power transfer much more easy-going and effective.

Now, there’s a transmitter from where the power is going to come from. And keep in mind that we’re talking about alternate current here, and not direct current.

From the field that comes off the AC circulating through the transmitter circuit, there comes a magnetic field with a certain phase. This continuous change in the magnetic field, as per the law that I mentioned creates the potential. And voila! We’ve got the current flow and thus a transfer of that power, albeit with a different phase. 

The Advantages of Wireless Power Transmission Technology

This way of transmitting power isn’t only the most effective but is very practical as well in a lot of different scenarios.

Here are manifold benefits of wireless electricity transmission technology that you must take note of.

  1. Minimizing resistive losses: This is the main issue with power transmission through cables. Where during transit, a lot of energy dissipates in the form of heat. Besides, while heating, there will be chances of damage to the system. However, with  wireless electricity, chances of such risks are minimal 
  2. Cost reduction along the way: With wired power transmission, there’s always going to be the cost of cables, towers, and hardware of this sort. Go wireless, and all of that’s gone. 
  3. Short-circuit proof for the most part: By eliminating all the different transmission hardware. The risk of physical damage goes down by a significant margin, although not totally. 
  4. Get rid of power theft: In a lot of places, there have been cases of power theft from transmission lines. But with wireless, where there aren’t any ‘lines’, there’s no possibility of power theft in the usual manner. 
  5. A God-sent boon for developing economies: With all the benefits that come with such a mode of transmission, it’s the developing nations that are going to benefit the most. 

So, you can see how good this technology actually is, and with the mindset of innovation. The possibilities are just limitless.

Major Applications of Wireless Power Transmission Technology 

Have a look at some of the primary ways in which wireless transmission of power is helping us today.

Solar Power Satellites 

Getting closer to the sun allows for a lot more efficiency in matters concerning solar power generation.

For that, we’ve got certain geosynchronous satellites with solar panels on them. And since there are no clouds or any other obstructions like that in space, it generates power throughout the day.

But are they sending the power through cables hanging from their fuselages?

Of course not. It’s rather the wireless transmission that’s making it possible and in a very efficient manner. 

For Complex Circuits 

With the advent of newer technologies, the demand for better power delivery is ever increasing.

Wireless electricity transmission is all set to make up for that need in a major way. And not just that, its opening up doors for new electrical technology as well.

Electric Cars 

This is probably the one that’s the most relevant to us. And that is the awe-inspiring electric power vehicles. Wireless transmission is heavily involved in the powering process for these.

And that isn’t going to be limited to cars and other such commercial vehicles. We’re going to see more of this technology coming up in future in fields related to this.

Wrapping Up

By now you must be really excited about all the different possibilities that this technology can bring.

And you should you not be? Indeed,  the 21st century is going to be the century of wireless power transfer. And it’s only getting better and cleaner from here onwards.

Be on the lookout, as this might also help you reduce your regular power expenses in the near future.

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