Microsoft started insisting everyone to update to their new Windows 10 1903 update from last month. However, Microsoft recently confirmed that the users who are currently using this update are facing many problems.

Version KB4512508: Windows 10 Problems Installing Update

The Windows 10 version  KB4512508 was the update that came out in May 2019. This contained the security updates for the Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Input and Composition, Windows App Platform and Framework, Microsoft Scripting Engine and the core components.

The features Microsoft claimed to offer through this update:

1. Taking care of the problem which will stop the devices from restarting when they are connected to a domain which uses MIT Kerberos realms. The domain members and the domain controllers, both of them affected by this.

2. Security updates for Microsoft Scripting Engine, App Platform and Framework, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Datacenter Networking, Windows Cryptography, Microsoft JET Database Engine, Windows Kernel, Windows Virtualization, Windows Linux, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows MSXML and Windows Server.

This update was available through Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services, and Microsoft Update Catalog.

Windows 10 Installation Problems

Reportedly, huge numbers of users using this version are getting hit by many error code warnings and many failures while installing the new KB4512508 update.

In a recent update, Microsoft admitted to the problem and said that these problems with version 1903 for Windows 10 as well as the Windows Server started from May 29.

This means that they kept silent for a very long time. Microsoft is claiming to be working on solutions for these problems. But, they did not mention any fixed time as to when they will be releasing this fix.

Microsoft has only confirmed the error code (0x80073701). Whereas, it is only one of the five errors the users are facing. The other problems are 0x8024200D, 0x800f0982, 0x800f0845, and 0x800f081f. It is still not clear whether Microsoft will acknowledge these other errors or not. In addition, these codes are also not clear to most of the users.

The Error Codes Appearing due to the Update Problem

Many of the users are unable to update their latest update KB4512508 for their Windows 10. After failing to install some error codes are also showing. These codes are like 0x80073701, 0800f081f and 0x800f0982.

While doing the installation, the Window screen would get completely dark and after that, an error would be displayed.

Among these error codes, the common ones are 0x80073701, 0x800f0982, 0x8024200D, 0x800f0845, and 0x800f081f.

Unfortunately, finding out about these error codes is not easy as there is not enough information from Microsoft about them. However, with the little information available, we can get some idea about them.

1. 0x800f0982- This error used to pop up in the earlier versions of the Windows 10 if there were some packs of Asian Language was installed.

2. 0x800f.81f- The cause for this error to appear may be due to the corruption of the installation media, or unavailable or the user might not have proper permission for the files.

3. 0x8024200D- This error occurs when there is the requirement for multiple download steps in order to complete the download and any one of these steps fails. You can reboot your system to check whether the update resumes from where it had stopped or you can even restart the process.

Currently, Microsoft made no acknowledgment regarding these problems other than error code 0x80073701. Due to this users are trying to solve these problems on their own or they are waiting for the fix to come out.

Users can check whether they have installed the latest “service stack update” (SSU) KB4508433. This SSU are the updates which can resolve the bugs and will not let the Windows update process to fail.

After all these Windows 10 installation problems with the version 1903, Microsoft still rolled out the updates to the users. This activity will put fear in the users for future updates as they can also be filled with bugs.

Besides these update problems, Microsoft is also trying to fix the Visual Basic and the new wormable vulnerabilities which affected all of the Windows 10 versions. So, Microsoft is in a tight spot and they should soon do something to build trust into the users.

Windows 10 Problems and Solutions

This Windows 10 installation problem poses security thereat because if you will not keep your computer up-to-date, your computer will become vulnerable to cyber threats. In addition, some of these updates have broken some of the security features.

After developing these updates, when Microsoft did the test run for these updates, they should have detected these errors. For example- the error in the Visual Basic was not detected in the test run. This type of negligence is not expected from big organizations like Microsoft.

By rolling out such updates that are filled with bugs, users will now be hesitant to apply any updates. This will make them skip their security updates, which are quite essential for the security of their computers.

The organizations will implement some kind of risk analysis to neutralize their threat. But the users after seeing such bug-filled updates will turn off their updates. The users do not always keep the security factor at the forefront, they will see that these updates are hampering their workflow and in some case their computers.


So, these are the effects of the latest windows update issues. If you are one of the affected people, then be patient and wait for Microsoft to bring the fix for these problems. You can go for uninstalling the updates altogether. This may solve your problem.