Getting your business on the web and running is an incredibly exciting prospect. Your business plan may be in development or in place, but all of this comes with challenges.

This is when hiring a freelance SEO consultant comes at the perfect time.

One of the main goals of having an SEO consultant is ranking higher on Google so that people can access your site with strong visibility.

Some of these factors include effective keyword search on google. However, there are still several more. Including, WordPress, youtube, e-commerce and others.

However, this makes the challenge even more difficult as there are several factors that need to be addressed. Whilst some may accept this challenge, why don’t you make your life not only easier but more effective?

This brings me to my next point of discussion….

What should you be looking for?

You don’t just want to choose any SEO consultant, you want to be a bit more selective.

For a start, let’s go over the 3 good traits:

  • Adaptable
  • Experienced
  • Strong work ethic to your brand


These are three really good traits to look for. The first one, being adaptable, refers to the consultant being able to adapt to your business size and industry.

It’s no good having a consultant who is not willing to adapt to your industry. Not only will you be wasting your time and money, but the results just won’t be effective.

This the building block of developing good personal relations with your consultant. Knowing that the consultant understands your industry or is at least willing to put in the hours of working towards it, is going to build trust.

In this case, trust is one of the finest qualities to have with SEO.


The next part to look for is an experienced SEO consultant. SEO can take some time to master and get your head around.

If you could hire a consultant with years of experience, then why wouldn’t you?

They understand how it works and what nifty tricks to use to get your exciting business out there.

Be sure to read reviews and case studies. This may give you a good idea of how they work and some of the industries they have been involved in.

However, the most important factor from this is that you know that they have a proven track record of success.

Work ethic

The 3rd point I mentioned is in a similar vein to the above points. But you need a consultant that is driven to getting results for your brand.

I’m talking about someone who works 7 days a week, who refuses to back down and comes up with solutions to problems.

This is going to put you in the best position.

SEO is done online and therefore communication is going to be a massive playing factor in getting results.

Communicate your business goals to the consultant. Once, you are both on the same page, it’s hopefully just exciting to work and magic from there.