If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it – right? When it comes to your company’s telephony technology, don’t wait until it has become obsolete before you update it, and here is why.

Old technology can become costly

As technology becomes more and more outdated, it can cost more to run, and cost more to fix. This is especially true for telephony technology. In fact, newer technologies can actually help you to save money, as they can offer a combined data and voice package, and you may opt for a solution where you only pay for what you use, rather than a standard monthly payment.

In addition to this, many newer telephony services can run through any device with internet connectivity, eliminating the need to install, service, and upgrade physical phone lines and handsets.

PSTN and ISDN switch off 2025

In 2025, British Telecoms will be switching off the PSTN and ISDN network for good, transitioning to digital voice services. In order to make the transition smoother, phones that do not support VoIP will cease to be sold from 2023. Thus, it is important to begin the switch to updated telephony sooner rather than later so you don’t get caught out.

Newer technologies boast additional features

If you proactively update your telephony technology, you can benefit from a whole host of brand new, innovative features. Instead of just providing you with voice call capabilities, you can also get conference calling, call recording, and even multimedia services.

Increases efficiency

Many of the additional features you can get from updated telephony can improve productivity and efficiency in your business. The best example of this is unified communications. As the name suggests, unified communication combines all methods of communication into one single platform.

This means employees will be able to access internal and external calls, instant messages, emails, voicemails and more, all in one place. Unified communications is perfect for your communications system, as it makes processes more streamlined and reduces the amount of wasted time looking for information.

Future proofs telephony in the event of a disaster

Waiting for your telephony to break or become obsolete before updating it is a risky business. If you don’t have the right technology, when your phones go down, this can cause significant business downtime, and you might even lose valuable data.

Instead, updating your telephony technology before it becomes out of date means that your technology will be future proof, and is protected in the event of a disaster.

Your telephony should grow alongside your business

Another benefit of proactively updating your telephony is that it will provide you with the infrastructure to grow your business. Instead of waiting for the business to outgrow your communications, a scalable solution can support you during your growth without needing to constantly install new physical telephones.

Data protection and security

Newer technologies are increasingly tighter on their data protection and security measures. By proactively updating your telephony technology, this not only benefits your communications, but also reduces the risk of data leaks or cyberattacks.

And there you have it – just a few benefits of proactively keeping your company’s telephony technology up to date.