If an AdWords Consultant comes with one major reason to hire them, it is probably the fact that they can save you money on PPC. Their main function is to identify areas where a greater expenditure is necessary, but they will also help you to manage your bids and address any issues you may have around keywords.

Why DIY is not a good idea

Although trying to do things yourself is brave and even laudable, the greatest (and to be bold, the most inevitable) risk is that of running out of resources. Technical knowledge, time, and patience are all high commodities in the world of PPC, and to do it right, you need to make sure yours is not in short supply!

When to hire a growth marketing consultant

You may start feeling that you are not getting around to everything you had set out to achieve with your PPC campaign. When time or expertise are lacking, it will show in the campaign. If you want to grow your audience AND see constructive returns on your investment, the expense of hiring someone who dies this professionally becomes more of an investment than a burden.

An AdWords Consultant will not only set you up for constant improvement on your click-through rate, but they will also help you to improve your ranking and quality scores. A consultant at an AdWords management company who knows what they are doing will work according to best practice, which is to use search engine optimized methods when setting up their keywords search. They will also know how best to link ad copy to the generated keywords and improve the performance of the entire account. When you engage the services of an AdWords consultant, the money you spend will be money earned.

What functions you can expect your consultant to perform

The money you spend on this consultant will truly be an investment when you see the benefits of such a relationship. They will build you new campaigns from the ground up, amend and reconfigure your existing campaigns to optimize their performance, and manage them for best results.

Although the search engines do help with creating and setting up a paid search, there is no substitute for specialized human attention when it comes to strategy, tone, and hands-on experience. While it is fully possible to run a campaign automatically, it will lack the human element, and customers will instinctively feel it. Just because you can automate your campaign, doesn’t mean you should!

Low-quality clicks in high numbers are just clutter – if your clicks do not convert a reasonable percentage of your visitors to customers, you are just adding meaningless bulk to your statistics. A good AdWords consulting service will know how to optimize your existing website and copy to get the most benefit out of targeted visitors. Some may even be able to adjust your graphics for better visual performance.

As if that’s not reason enough, the thought that your company is competing for attention from everyone else on the internet should be enough to convince you about the importance of the need to stand out. Hundreds, if not thousands of companies are using AdWords to advertise their products and services, and if your campaign is inferior, there is very little reason why anyone would bother following that as a lead. Digital ads should comprise a significant part of your campaign budget – they are, after all, a fulcrum upon which many important functions rest.

Make peace with them knowing more than you do

The very salient thing about hiring an expert in any given field is that they have more knowledge than the average Joe. This is what sets them apart, and what you will be paying for when you employ them. The money you spend is an investment into a solid campaign that will earn money for you in the future.

You are also paying for the benefit of not having to figure out and do everything on your own. Expertise is a complicated commodity because it is abstract, but you will never regret doing so. It can be intimidating to work with people who come with such a high level of knowledge, but your brand and your campaign (and ultimately, your pocket!) will thank you for it!