When you sit down to watch your favorite series on Kodi and suddenly find that Kodi Exodus not working, you might get irritated. You may not have done anything to alter that but it still ends up giving you trouble. What can you do in a situation like that? Well, let’s find out why Exodus fails to work and how it can be solved to bring back again in working condition?

What is the Issue All About?

When you try to stream media content, you may see an error on the screen that says “Exodus Error Message”, “No Stream Available”, “Kodi not working”. Apart from this, even a huge amount of buffering time can also leave you wondering about what went wrong. Additionally, you won’t even get a hint about why this error comes up or any other way to resolve Exodus Kodi not working

But here’s the drill. You can resolve them easily and for that, go through the next section so that you can get started as soon as possible.  On top of that there are many alternatives to Exodus, the most popular ones are listed here.

How to Fix Exodus not Working Issue?

In this section, you’ll find some relevant content that will help you get a clear idea of what you can do to fix Exodus not working on Kodi.

Solution 1: Try Upgrading Exodus

The first and foremost thing to start with is updating. Upgrading anything gives you the opportunity to set back the default configurations in case of any previous alteration that occurred mistakenly or without your knowledge or mistake. 

  • Go to the main page of “Kodi” and then click on the option called “Add-Ons”. Then select “Package”. Now select “My Add-Ons” and then choose the “Video Add-Ons” option.
  • Then select the “Exodus” and “Uninstall” option respectively. Now, confirm it by hitting the “Yes” button. 
  • Once you install it back, you’d have the upgraded version of the streamer with improved fixes for minor or major software bugs. 
  • Now, try streaming and check if this solution for Exodus search not working has worked out for you. If not, go to the next solution. 

Solution 2: Flush Out Exodus Cache Files

Oftentimes, cache files of Exodus may cause this trouble as they tend to get accumulated over the course of time. Be certain that cache is the real deal when you see the line code “No Stream Available” on the screen. However, to flush out cache files, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the option called “Add-Ons” and then click on the “My Add-Ons” option. Then, choose the “Video Add-Ons” option. After that, select “Exodus”. 
  • From there, click on the option called “Tools”. There, select the “Clear Providers” option and then confirm it by clicking on the “Yes” button. After that, choose the “Clear Cache” option and then select the “Yes” option. 
  • After that, restart the system. Now, check if you see the Exodus no stream available error again or not. 

Solution 3: Try Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • If you see that you are unable to stream anything, then there is a higher possibility that the content has been blocked by your Internet Service Provider. In that case, it’d be advisable that you use a VPN to access the content. To enable the VPN service, go to Internet Browser and look out for a VPN. 
  • Or you can simply download and install any VPN from a trusted website and get it running on the system. Once you’re done installing it, run it on the system and then choose a server according to your preferences. 
  • After establishing a remote server connection, check if you are still unable to stream anything on Exodus. 

Solution 4: Alter Cache Setting of Kodi and Flush Out Temp Files

Whenever you stream media, the temporary files are saved on the device until the time it is done. If the video is of large size, then it may give you trouble. For that, you’d require to do the following things:

  • At first, install any add-on called Area Wizard that can do the job of clearing the caches and temp files. Open Kodi and then go to its Settings to open the File Manager. Then, select “Add Source” and tune it to “None”. Then type this address on the URL path: “http://ares-repo.eu/” 
  • Keep the source name as “ares repo” and then hit the “OK” button. Now, return to the main home page of Kodi and launch the “Package” icon from the “Add-Ons” option. Then, choose the “Install From Zip File” option and select the source file called “ares repo”. 
  • Then click on the option called “Install From Repository” and choose “Area Wizard” from Program Add-Ons under the “Area Project” section.
  • Or you can simply do it from the system itself. Once you’re done clearing out such files, try streaming to determine if you get the same trouble or not. 

Adjusting the Cache Settings

Now, to adjust the cache settings, go to “Area Wizard” and choose the “Tweaks” option. From there, you can alter the “Buffer Mode” which has 4 options. Based on your convenience, modify them. 

  1. Kodi can buffer streams which include the streaming of FTP. 
  2. The second mode can buffer pretty much everything along with local files. 
  3. Kodi can only stream from a web page.
  4. And lastly, you can disable the buffering. 

Flushing Out Temp Files of Kodi

  1. Go to the main home page of Kodi, and click on the option called “Add-Ons”. From there, go to the “Program Add-Ons” option. Go to “Area Wizard” and then choose the “Tweaks” option. Now, select “Maintenance”. 
  2. You’ll get an option to delete Thumbnails, cache and temp files, and packages. Select that to get them flushed out of Kodi. Now, check if the Exodus Kodi no stream available error has been resolved or not. 

Solution 5: Modify the Stream Time

Often times the main problem could be the stream time issue. What happens is that if Steam time is less, then Exodus will be unable to perform a search for the desired media content you’re searching for. To tweak that, do the following:

  • Go to the “Add-Ons” option and then select “My Add-ons”. From there, select “Video Add-Ons”. No,w choose the “Exodus” option. Click on the option called “Tools” and select “General”.
  • Under the option called “Providers Timeout” tweak the timing and keep it “20 to 35 seconds”. 
  • Then hit the “OK” button to save the settings. 

These are the overall procedures to get rid of the Exodus not working issue.