Yes, you heard it right! WhatsApp will very soon bring ‘fingerprint unlock’ feature for its Android customers. This feature will protect the user’s chats and will not display it to others. In this way, it safeguards the privacy of its users.

You can find the security feature in WhatsApp recent updates Android beta version 2.19.83. You can enable the fingerprint authentication option from the Settings area of the WhatsApp messenger.

Currently, this fingerprint unlock is available for iOS users. For Apple users, the authentication fits with both Face ID and Touch ID. This feature will ask Android users to verify their identity every time they open the app.

By default, the fingerprint feature is disabled in the Android OS. It is disabled for the beta tracker website called ‘WABetainfo’. In addition, it will not even work for beta users. This tracker uses the new fingerprint verification feature to unlock their Whatsapp. Thus, it will allow Android users to use a technology fingerprint sensor. 

Enable Fingerprint Sensor on WhatsApp

To activate the WhatsApp fingerprint authentication feature, follow some simple steps. Go to Settings and select Account and then tap on Privacy option. To Unlock, you can use your fingerprint.

WhatsApp will ask you to sign in with a fingerprint, once you get the opportunity to enable the feature of WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock. It will also ask your permission whether you want to lock the app immediately.

This new authorization mechanism will make third-party apps very unuseful. The fingerprint sensor method will add a layer of security. WhatsApp users need to verify themselves to turn on the app each time.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is about to start the ‘Dark Mode’ feature in it has already started testing it. You already saw the feature in Beta version 2.19.82 of WhatsApp. WABetainfo already published the images of this mode and it is implemented in Settings.  

WhatsApp is Working on its Recent Updates

After working successfully in biometric authentication features, such as Face ID and Touch ID, WhatsApp is continuing its research in fingerprint authentication. This WhatsApp recent update will indicate its users that they need to undo the app using your fingerprint validation. Moreover, if the app is locked after several tries, it will display you an error.

As stated this feature is not yet enabled, so even if you are using the latest version of 2.19.83, you won’t be able to see it. In the next updates, this feature should roll out for all the beta users. This feature will soon be available in the near future as it is under development for any Android user who uses Android Marshmallow and newer OS and also a fingerprint sensor.

As users use third-party apps to lock the app for security and privacy, these often tend to be unsafe as it allows malware and adware to get in. Hence, if the Facebook-owned company comes up with such a touch sensor feature, it will prove to be a boon for all of its users.

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