On your computer, there are a lot of folders that are closely associated with the storage information, the CryptnetURLCache is one of them. The folder, as well as the files in them, are automatically downloaded from the internet for obvious reasons. Now, a question might easily come into your mind – What is CryptnetURLCache?  

A few tech experts suggest that it can be malware, adware and spyware. Moreover, some of them also suggest that people delete the folder. Why is that? Of course, you will come to know about the concept, soon. In addition to that, you will also get a brief idea about the types of websites that are involved in this matter. 

The CryptnetURLCache – Details

Due to obvious purposes, you have to browse a number of websites on a daily basis. It seems that you are using a good web browser that helps you to improve the browsing experience. There are a few websites that have nested websites. So, your main purpose is to access the original one, not the nested ones. 

The safe browsing experience feature scraps off the nested website. Here, the process of web programming occurs. Any program that executes leaves behind a return value in a specific folder. So, the question is what is CryptnetURLCache? 

Where can you find the CryptnetURLCache Folder?

You can find the CryptnetURLCache folder in the system drive. Open the %USERPROFILE% folder and select the AppData subfolder. Double-click to open the LocalLow folder, and you will find it. Many people consider the CryptnetURLCache folder risky because it might harm your computer. 

The CryptnetURLCache Folder, Risky or Not

Hopefully, you got a brief idea of what CryptnetURLCache is. The concept of a risky folder towards your computer is different from person to person. Generally, the host of the CryptnetURLCache can contain malicious files. In such a scenario, you can opt for a more secure browser than the existing one. Several browsers can block various types of third-party cookies, as well as trackers that have no existence. 

Is the CryptnetURLCache a Malicious Folder?

Apart from the question of what is CryptnetURLCache, another important one is – Is the CryptnetURLCache itself a malicious folder or not? Undoubtedly, yes, it is a malicious folder. The folder can’t harm your computer. 

In addition to that, it will also not pose a negative impact on your data stored on the computer. A few people might think that it is spyware, malware, adware or ransomware. No, absolutely not; it is neither of them. Moreover, it is also not a bug or a virus. Maybe it is a trojan, but if you have good anti-virus software,y the security application will hopefully detect and notify you. 

The Role of CryptnetURLCache Folder and Files

On the one hand, a security application may detect the folder as malicious, which you already know. On the other hand, your OS doesn’t consider it harmful. Maybe the folder is malicious, but it can improve the browsing experience. Moreover, it also blocks and protects access to certain dangerous and explicit websites that can harm your children. The CryptnetURLCache folder generally restricts those websites that are encrypted with SSL protocol or any other types of encryption protocols. So, now you know what is CryptnetURLCache. 

Are you Planning to Remove the CryptnetURLCache?

Of course, you can remove the folder if you want. As mentioned above, it is not harmful, but who likes to keep malicious files in their system? In one of the previous sections, you can witness the path where the folder is present. With the help of the path, you can easily access the folder and delete it. At first, you can try deleting the files; after that, delete the folder. In case any files refuse to delete, then it is being used by the system. 

There are other two ways to clear the folder and its data – wiping out all the data in the system drive manually and with the help of a third-party cleaning application. Let’s try to understand the first manual one – Open My Computer or This PC. Right-click on the system drive and select Properties. In the General tab, click on Disk cleanup. Follow the onscreen process and complete the task. 

Choose a good third-party cleaning application. Make sure you opt for the premium version. In doing so, you will be able to use all the features. Apart from removing the CryptnetURLCache folder, you can clean every cache, junk or residual file with the help of the application. This will help you in executing any other third-party applications smoothly.