If you didn’t know then BitRaider is basically a platform where you can stream video games and also download content. It is like any other streaming platform. If you don’t know much about BitRaider, then you’ve come to the right place. Go through the contents below to get an overview of what bitraider streaming client is and what you can do with it!

BitRaider Web Client: What is it?

So what is bitraider streaming client? Developed by Bitraider, the BitRaider Web Client or bitraider distribution web client is basically a software program. As it has the functions of delivering video streaming service to users, it runs in the background. Here’s the issue with it. It runs all the time as a background program. Upon trying to close it, the whole program stops functioning.  

BitRaider Web Client has a controller service which by default, has been set to be automatic.

Because of this, a lot of charge from the system gets drained out. 

BitRaider Web Client: Installation Information 

BitRaider Web Client has many versions available on the internet. But version is the profound one. This version has been downloaded by almost 98% in terms of the total number of installations. 

Among all the files available in the installation package, the file called “brwc.exe” is known to be the executable file. 

How to Remove BitRaider Web Client?

If you are looking for ways to remove BitRaider Web Client, follow these methods written below:

1. Uninstall through Programs & Features

At first, go to the “Start” section and then search for “Programs & Features”. Then from there 

Go to the section that says “Uninstall a program”. Or you can also launch “programs & features” with the help o Windows and the “X” key. 

Now, among the list of all programs installed, go to the file called “BitRaider” and then right-click on it. Then select the “Uninstall” option. Click on the “OK” option if you get a confirmation box after that. 

2. Uninstall BitRaider Via Uninstaller.exe

Whenever you download a software file, you’ll come across a file which is executable in most cases. In this case, the file should be named az “uninst000.exe”.

Go to the location where you’ve downloaded the file. Among the list of all programs, go to the file called “uninstall.exe” or “unins000.exe”. Now double click on the file. 

An instructional wizard will pop up for the uninstallation. Go through them step by step and finish the uninstallation.  

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3. Uninstall BitRaider through System Restore

You may know that System Restore is basically a function that will help the system get back to a previous point. This is mainly a cone to set back the previous state of the system with its previous configurations. This is usually done in case of unchangeable alterations made in the system. 

So if you opt for the System Restore option, you can get rid of BitRaider. The good thing about this option is that any file that gets missed during the uninstallation process will be covered by this solution. To do it, here’s what you need to do:

Exit any ongoing application and then, go to the option called “My Computers” and then right-click on it to select the option called “Properties”. Then, in the following System Box, locate the “System Protection” option on the left side and click on it. 

Now in the following window, select the “System Restore” option. Then, choose a point from which you’d want the system to start. And then click on the “Next” button. Now once you’ve chosen the restoration point, it will start. Once it is done, you can exit the window and restart the system. 

Method 4: Uninstall through Antivirus

You may have heard of the fact that spyware and trojans are often very difficult to remove. This is mainly because these are malware. And malware can get into the system much easier than you think. They attach themselves with software programs when you’re downloading them. Hence you would not even get a clue that they came in with the download. 

However, if you are unable to get rid of Bitraider Web Client then you may need to consider it as malware. To check if it is malware or not, get antivirus and start scanning all the local files of the system. If it is malware, the antivirus would detect it. When you get it, remove it from the system with the help of antivirus. 

Method 5: Reinstall the Program (Counter-Intuitive)

It is a counter-intuitive method that you can consider trying. If the program file of Bit Raider Web Client is damaged or the files in it are corrupted, then the uninstallation would never take place. 

So in that case, what you can do is install from the setup file. Often times you will get asked to uninstall it if the installation succeeds. This is due to the corrupted files being unable to follow functions. 

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Method 6: Use Registry

Here’s one way you can uninstall it and that is from the registry. This is because of all the settings as well as the information of the program in the registry. So you’d be able to get rid of the program file. Here’s how to do it:

Open the “Run” box using the “Windows” and the “R” button. In the Run box, type “regedit” and hit the “OK” button. Now the registry box will open. Now go to the following directory:


Now locate the file called “UninstallString” and double click on its value file. Then copy the Value Data. After that, press the “Windows” and “R” button to launch the “Run” box. Then paste the value data in the Run box. Then hit the “OK” button. 

An uninstallation wizard for Bitraider Web Client will appear on the screen. Go through the instructions to uninstall the program. 

Method 7: Use a Third-Party Software to Uninstall

You can use the help of a third-party uninstaller program to successfully get rid of the BitRaider Web Client. Open any web browser and then look for any software that will manually remove the program. 

Be cautious to download the right, virus-free program as there are many viruses available on the internet.