AT&T Mobile Transfer app allows you to transfer content from old smartphones to new ones over Wi-Fi. Download the app to both devices to share instant pictures or videos. Moreover, the developers deployed effective data security measures in this app. And, it will be beneficial for the users who want to send personal data like phone numbers.

Additionally, this data transfer app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It will also work in Windows 8 and earlier versions. 

Do you want to share the 1TB audio file from iPhone to MacBook? Then, install this app on iOS and macOS devices immediately. 

Certain factors need to be considered before downloading this app. Ensure there is at least 50 MB of storage in the old or new devices. And, check whether AT&T Mobile Transfer is compatible with the phone or PC. 

Additionally, you need a high-speed internet connection to transfer the files. It has an easy user interface and can transfer large files within a minute.

What is AT&T Mobile Transfer & How to Use this App?

AT&t Mobile Transfer is a free media sharing app. It lets you share text messages from Android to Android or iOS devices. Almost 50,0000+ people downloaded this app after its initial launch. 

Additionally, you can backup and transfer the emails using AT&T Mobile Transfer. Before you share the contents, ensure the device is fully charged. Verify the device has the latest software to avoid compatibility issues. 

Update the iPhone if it uses iOS 8 or earlier. Access the iPhone settings and double-tap on “General” to install the latest version. Besides, this app will only work on Android 5.0 or higher. Update the software if you use an older Android phone model like Lumia 950 XL. 

Connect the old and new devices on the same wireless network. Open Play Store if you are an Android phone, tablet or Smart TV user. And, the iPhone or iPad users need to download this app from the App Store.

Now, follow the instructions to transfer unlimited contents:

  • Open the AT&T Mobile Transfer app on the new and old phones.
  • The “From this device” message will appear on the old device. Select that and go through the on-screen instructions to get the barcode.
  • Select “To this device” from the new smartphone. Follow the steps until the app displays a barcode reader.
  • Scan the old phone’s barcode with the new phone’s barcode reader. This will link the two devices. 
  • Choose the file you want to share and tap on “Transfer”. A progress bar will appear on both phones’ screens.
  • Click “Next” when the content transfer is complete. Close the window, open the phone’s “File” section and check if the shared files are there. 

Why Should You Consider Installing AT&T Mobile Transfer app?

AT&T Mobile Transfer is the best alternative to iCloud and Google Backup. If these two apps stop working, use AT&T mobile transfer for hassle-free media sharing. Moreover, you can’t share images from iPhone to Android using iCloud. But, you can do that using the AT & T Mobile Transfer app.

AT&T Mobile Transfer is an easy-to-use software that guarantees secure transfer between phones. And, the users can seamlessly share music or video with one click. Unlike the cloud, you don’t have to worry about a data breach. 

No one can access the shared files without scanning the barcode. So, use AT&T Mobile Transfer if you need a reliable data-sharing app. 

How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS Devices?

Sharing files from an Android device to iPhone is easy in this app. Connect the Android and iOS devices on the same Wi-Fi network. And, ensure these phones have the latest AT&T Mobile Transfer version. Open App Store and Play Store if you are using an out-of-date app. 

Open the AT&T Mobile Transfer app from both devices. Choose “From this device” on the Android phone, and “To this device” on the iPhone. A QR code will pop up on the Android device and a barcode scanner on the iPhone’s display. Pair these two devices by scanning the code.

Toggle on the “Contacts”, “Calendar Events” or “Videos” options. Move the “Music” slider to share 18+ audio files simultaneously. Additionally, you can transfer the Android device’s call logs to iPhones. Share 644+ documents from one device to another. 

Select “Transfer” after choosing the required data. Furthermore, you can even stop or pause the file-sharing process anytime. Usually, the app takes 10-12 minutes to complete the data transfer. However, it can take longer if the Wi-Fi connection is slow. Switch to a steady Wi-Fi connection to avoid issues when sharing the files.

What can You Share using the AT&T Mobile Transfer app?

AT&T Mobile Transfer allows you to send different types of data including MMS. However, this might vary depending on the device you use. Besides, not all audio or video formats are supported on Android or iOS devices. 

For instance, AVI is incompatible with Android phones and iPhones. Thus, check the file format before sharing it with the old to new smartphones. AT&T Mobile Transfer also supports DRM-free music. And, you can’t stream the videos that you shared from iPhone to Android phones. 

Here is what you can send from multiple devices using this app:

  • iPhone users can transfer images, videos and contacts to other iOS devices.
  • Share contacts, pictures, videos, SMS, music, call logs, documents and MMS on Android phones. 
  • In the case of Amazon Fire TV, it allows you to send pictures, videos, and MP3 files.

Is the AT&T Mobile Transfer not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

Sometimes, this app may be stuck on the transfer/scanning screen. It might also refuse to open on the old iOS and Android devices. Close the app in such circumstances to fix this problem. Additionally, you should check that the phone supports the latest app version. And, reboot the device and clear the AT&T Mobile Transfer cache to use it again.