Spectrum offers exclusive voice packages and caller ID features. It allows the users to check who is calling on their number. And, you can even check the person’s location when the caller ID is enabled. However, the Spectrum phone might sometimes display the “Async caller ID” error.

Usually, internet calls are routed through NAS servers. It requires an IP address of the NAS server to use the caller ID feature. If you have entered an incorrect gateway IP, the Async caller ID” error may occur. Thus, change the IP address to fix this problem from the Spectrum device.

The call logs might show “Async caller ID” due to the issues on the “tty0” console port. You can either ignore the call or disable this Spectrum feature to fix the issue. Moreover, you should check whether the phone settings are correct.

Did you get an async caller ID error after changing the device configuration? Then, a factory reset might resolve the issue. However, the users should backup the required data before resetting the device. Otherwise, you may lose important files or contacts.

What does the Async Caller ID Mean on Spectrum phone?

These are usually the robocalls that are created through spoofed customer area codes. For instance, you live in an area where the area code is “+91”. But, you can add a prefix like “ +1” before your number using the caller ID feature. 

You can use different area codes, irrespective of your region. Spectrum first introduced this feature on their devices. People usually block the number when they see different area codes. But, prefix addition makes the number look legitimate to the receivers. So, they might not block the async calls and receive them instead.

Easy Fixes for the Async Caller ID on the Spectrum Devices

The async caller ID error could prevent you from checking who the caller is. However, resolving the Async caller ID error is pretty easy. Many take external help to avoid getting this issue. 

But, you can eliminate this problem by following these troubleshooting methods:

1. Check which Port the NAS is Connected to

Certain factors need to be checked when you receive this error. The async caller ID issue can occur for two reasons. Spectrum displays this message when you enter an incorrect username. Or, you can encounter this error due to the external DB user’s invalidity. 

Is “tty0” written on the NAS port and async with caller ID? Then, it indicates that tty0 is the default console port. You must choose a NAS IP to see the console port’s connection. Additionally, Spectrum users can connect the SH line directly to the console port.

However, you must run the “no exec” command line in the terminal server. Ensure to put the command only in the X and Y line. It will fix the async caller ID issue from the Spectrum devices. However, apply the next solution if the error persists.

2. Check the Network Cable

A faulty network cable could prevent the console port from connecting to the phone. Thus, you should check whether the cable has wear and tear. Replace the cable if you find any signs of damage. However, If you are using a new cable, disconnect it. 

Wait at least 2-3 minutes, then reconnect it to the port. Now, try to use the caller ID feature and check if that works. Still receiving the async caller ID error? Then, there is a chance that the console part might be damaged. Repair the port at the earliest possible to fix this Spectrum phone issue. 

3. Activate the Call Guard Feature

Spectrum’s “Call Guard” feature lets you block most robocalls. Additionally, it shows the caller IDs of the telemarketing calls. It is accessible to Spectrum users and comes with voice packages. 

Do you know what the best part about Call Guard is? It helps the Spectrum voice users to manage the calls.

Moreover, you can add the important numbers to the “Allow” list. This way, you can ensure the selected numbers don’t mistakenly get blocked. Besides, this feature will notify you when you get spam calls or Robocalls. 

Here’s how to enable Call Guard on the Spectrum phones:

  • Turn on the device and open the Spectrum account. Enter the login credentials and head to “Services”. 
  • Move towards “Voice” and double-tap on “Manage Call Guard”. 
  • Select “add robocall contacts” after enabling this feature.
  • Include the spam numbers in the “Allow List”. 

If you are still getting the error, disable “Call Guard” and re-enable it. Or, try to use Spectrum’s “Stir/Shaken” feature instead to solve the issue. 

4. Enable the Stir/Shaken Feature

Stir/Shaken is another feature which helps to deter the async caller ID issue. This feature rejects all the robocalls of the recipients. In most Spectrum phones, this feature is enabled by default. 

However, you need to turn on Stir/Shaken if you use the latest phone. Thus, contact the Spectrum support team and request to enable this feature.

5. Change the Voicemail Settings

Sometimes, you may receive the async caller ID error for incorrect voicemail settings. Thus, change the voicemail configuration to fix the issue. Sign in to the Spectrum account and tap on the phone icon.

Additionally, you need to select “Voice Online Manager”. Head towards “Settings” and choose “Voicemail settings” when the pop-up menu appears. Tap on “Voicemail PIN” and enter the four-digit PIN when prompted. Click “Save” after setting up the Voicemail. Now, you won’t further get issues while using the Spectrum caller ID feature.

Lastly, Activate the Spectrum Voice Service…

Still receiving the async caller ID error message? Then, check whether the Spectrum Voice service is activated. If not, then connect one end of the coax cable to the DL modem, and plugin the other end to the wall outlet.

Turn on the power outlet and modem after a few seconds. Connect the modem and phone using a phone cord. Access Spectrum’s activation page and read the on-screen instructions. Enable the caller ID feature and check if it is blocking the telemarketing calls. Contact the Spectrum support team if the caller ID feature isn’t working.