The problem of computer not working can be due to a number of reasons. Fixing these problems can sometimes be easy and sometimes can be difficult. So, if you are not that well versed with computers then you should consider the option of computer repair from a professional. 

However, if you want to solve the problem yourself then you first have to identify the reason behind the problem. There are multiple reasons for which your computer can stop working. Some of these problems are very basic problems. 

Solutions for Computer Failing to Work Properly

So, let’s see what are the reasons and the procedures for solving the problem of your computer stopped working.  

Power Connection to your Computer

You can know that it is a power-related problem if you see that there is no light on the screen, but however, the fan of the computer is blowing air. So, steps you can take to solve this problem are.

For Laptops

Here are the steps to solve the problem related to the power connection for your laptops.

Connect to your Charger

This is quite obvious. If you are using a laptop, and it has drained all its battery, then it will not turn on. Hence you can try by connecting your charger to your laptop. You have to make sure that the cords of the adapters are properly connected. Any loose ends will provide insufficient power to the laptop. If you see that your laptop is only working with your charger plugged in, then our battery is dead and you need a replacement soon. 

Disconnecting the Docking Platform

If you are using a docking station for your laptop, then try to directly connect the laptop with the power cord. After that turn on your laptop. This can solve your problem.  

Reconnecting the Battery after Removing

Your laptop is unable to boot maybe because it is in a power state. In this situation, first, you have to remove the power cable from the laptop. After that remove the battery. Then you have to leave it like this for about a minute or two. After that, you can put the battery back in and connect the charger and boot up the laptop. 

Drain the Electricity from your Laptop

In some situations, the residual current charge in the laptop prevents it from getting started. You can follow the given steps to drain the electricity out of it:

  1. First of all, you have to remove the power cord from your laptop, and then remove the battery. 
  2. After that, you have to keep pressing down the power button for 30 seconds. This will help you to drain any remaining current within the laptop.
  3. Now, plug in the charger back into the laptop without putting the battery back into the laptop.
  4. Then, turn on the laptop by pressing the power button. 
  5. If you see that the laptop has turned on, then shut it down in the normal process.
  6. After the laptop is switched off, place the battery into the laptop. 
  7. Lastly, start the laptop, and check whether it is booting correctly or not.

These steps are sure to solve your problem with the computer not working. However, if you see no result from these solutions, you should go for the option of laptop repair at the service center of your laptop brand.

For Desktops

Here are the problems related to the power connection to your desktops.

Connection of the Power Cord not Done Properly

You have to check whether the connection of the power cord is done properly or not. If it is loose, then connect it properly. And if you see that the connection is ok, then disconnect them, and connect them again. This will make sure that the power cord is not badly connected at all. 

Power  Outlet

If you are using a UPS or a power strip, then disconnect the power cord of the computer from it and connect it directly to the power outlet. This might solve your problem, and if it doesn’t, check the power outlet. 

Button for the Power Supply

There are some computers which have buttons for the power supply. So, you should check for these buttons at the back of your computer and check if they are turned on or not. If any of these buttons are switched off, switch them back on to avoid your computer stop working.

Check the Running Processes

Your problem with the computer not working maybe because you are facing the running process errors. You can check the running process by going to the Task Manager. To go to the Task Manager, you have to press “Ctrl+ALT+Delete” simultaneously. One of the benefits of this method is that the cursor will get free, and you will be able to use it for doing the modifications. You can follow the given steps to solve this problem:

  1. At first, bring up the Task Manager.
  2. Then, go to the tab of “Process”.
  3. After that, you have to go to the option of “Background Process”. 
  4. Now, you have to select the processes which are causing the problem and close them.
  5. Lastly, you have to restart your computer or laptop, so that the changes are applied and the system wors smoothly. 

Check your Computer for Malware or Spyware

The problem of computer failing to work properly can be due to Malwares and Spywares present within your computer. There is no clear indication from these Spywares as they work in the background. And they also tend to slow down your computer. So, if you see that your computer is slowing down, then it is possible that it is due to Spyware and Malware. You can solve this problem by following the given steps:

  1. At first, you have to open the Windows Defender. 
  2. Then, you have to do a Full Scan by enabling the Firewall.
  3. After that, you have to do a reboot of the system in Safe Mode for a thorough clean up of the system.

This will solve your problem caused by the Malwares and Spywares. If the effect is too serious, then you should opt for a laptop repair by the professionals via call. You don’t have to visit here n there for your laptop issues. You can easily resolve your computer issues by sitting on your home. Just dial a call and connect with your Experts.

Restoring the System

When you are facing the problem of your laptop or computer not working, then restoring the system is the best and the easiest option to go for. This will not affect your saved files at all. It will just modify the Windows settings and the softwares that are installed. By restoring the system, you will be able to bring the Windows back to the previous settings.

You can execute this process by following the given steps:

  1. First, you have to open the Start Menu.
  2. After that, go to “System Restores” and start the process. 
  3. Then, you have to follow the instructions which will be appearing on the screen.   


All the above-discussed methods are the best options for fixing your problem with the computer not working properly. You have a good chance of making your computer and laptop to work properly by following these solutions. But, in case none of the solutions is working for you, then, you should definitely try getting your computer or laptop repair by an expert through call. This is because they will be able to detect your actual problem and they are well versed with the computer components. For Laptop Screen Replacement you can also contact us.