In brief, users have reported that they’ve witnessed an unexpected statement called “waiting on another installation or update” while attempting to open the Blizzard game’s launcher through application. This statement clarifies that there is a different update taking place. However, users have not seen any update when the statement comes up. 

If you’ve experienced this problem today or yesterday, then go through some methods that are easily applicable! 

What Triggers the Problem? waiting on another installation or update takes place due to software bugs in the Update Agent of application. The problem with this certain bug, is that it looks for the availability of any update. While searching for them, it gets stuck. As a result, any other update gets prevented from downloading or updating. 

Another thing that could affect this problem, is that the launcher of the game may be out of date. As a result, users end up unable to install the update. 

If you’ve made changes in the DNS settings, then also this can happen. Why? Because resting the default DNS settings, can cause internet problems.  

However, you can get the problem solved in the next section!

Fixes for “Waiting on Another Installation or Update in”

Go through these simple fixes to get blizzard waiting on another installation or update problem resolved!

1. Kill a Certain Task

If you see the problem is persisting even after restarting the application, then it may be because of the Update Agent. It looks for updates and upon finding it updates. However, it keeps checking even when updates are not found. In that case, you have to kill the process in the following way:

Launch the “Task Manager” box using the “Shift”, Ctrl” and “Esc” key on the keyboard. You can also open the application from the “Start” option on the desktop. To expand the “Task Manager” click on the option called “More Option” at the bottom. 

Then look out for the “ Update Agent” under the section of “Background Processes”. Click on the result and then choose the “End Task” option at the bottom right section of the option. 

You’ll be asked for a confirmation to end the process. Confirm it. Now all you need to do is open the application, launch the game and check if you see the same error or not. 

2. Use “Selective Startup” for Booting

You may not notice, but oftentimes, background applications affect any current application that is running. In that case, you need to consider choosing the “Selective Startup” as a process of booting. 

First, launch the “Run’ box using the “Windows” and the “R” key on the keyboard. Then, write “misconfig” in the blank field and then click on the “OK” option. Now you will see a box named as “System Configuration”. After that, under the tab of “Boot”, untick the option called “Safe Boot”. 

Then, go to the “General” section in the same box and click on the option called “Selective Startup”. Now, uncheck the option called “Load Startup Items”. 

Now, restart the system and then open the “ application to launch the game. If there was a pending update, then it will take place now. However, if there were no pending updates, then also you would be able to play any game you’d like!

3. Pause Ongoing Updates On “” 

If you come to find that there are updates in the queue for downloading, then you can simply pause all of them. However, this is a temporary process and you’d have to install the updates at some point in the future. 

Simply, open the “” application and then click on its icon which is located in the tray. Then, click on the option that says “Pause All Updates”. Then launch any game to check if the error still persists or not. 

4. Reinstall Launcher for

According to recent reports by the officials of “Blizzard”, the launcher itself is somehow affected by software bugs that came with the new release. They also suggested users to perform a re-install of the launcher so that the installation becomes manual instead of automatic. 

Keep in mind that you must be having administrative rights to be able to uninstall the program as it’s impossible to do without it. If you’re worried about losing game data then, be assured that it is only the launcher of the game that is going to be uninstalled and then re-installed.  

Go to the “Start” menu and then click on the “Control Panel” section by searching it in the search field. Now, in “Control Panel”, select view as “Category” and then click on the option called Uninstall a program” under the “Programs” section. 

Among the list of all the programs that are installed, locate and right-click on the “” option to select the “Uninstall” option. Then, follow the uninstallation wizard to finish the process.

After you’ve successfully uninstalled the application, you can go to the official website of Blizzard and then download the launcher from there. Go through the setup guide to finish the installation. Now, check if you get the same error or not.  

5. Set DNS to Default 

If you’ve made any changes in the default values of the DNS settings then you may need to undo that in the following way:

First, launch the “Run” box using the “R” and the Windows” key on the keyboard. Then, in the field, type “ncpa.cpl”. Then click on the “Ok” button or hit the “Enter” key on the keyboard. 

When the “Internet Connection Settings” box opens, set the “View” option to “Category”. You can also follow up on the process using “Control Panel” as well. Simply, go to “Control Panel” and select the Network and Internet” option. Then choose the “Network and Sharing” option. 

Find the settings called “Change Adapter” at the left side of the box and double click on the option called “Network Adapter”. Open the properties of this option and then find the IPv4 DNS option. 

In the “general” tab, tick on the boxes that say “Obtain IP Address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”. 

Check the option that says “Validate Settings Upon Exit”.  And then click on the “OK” option. 

Now open “” and check if you’re facing the same problem or not.