Is vcruntime140.dll missing from the system? If you’re here then you may have come across the file called vcruntime140.dll download. The error comes up on the screen when a user attempts to launch any application on the system. It tells you that the application is unable to start because this certain file is missing from the system. 

So, if you’ve come across this issue recently, then go through some key information below on what vcruntime140.dll is and how you can resolve issues related to vcruntime140.dll is missing

Vcruntime140.dll: What Is It? 

The extension of the file is also known as Dynamic Link Library. These files contain some important information that is useful for other applications to use when required. These files are useful during a program or game launching. Without the dll file, no program or game can run. 

If the games or programs were built with the dll file in the application itself, then the size of it would become double. This is the major reason why the system has a whole list of dll in the library. 

Vcruntime140.dll: What’s The Issue?

The issue occurs when the file becomes missing from the system. As mentioned previously, it is an essential component that is used during the start of any application. If it becomes missing from the system, then as a result, the application fails to start. 

There could be plenty of reasons why its not there in the system. Usually, whenever you download any application or game, you’ll find the file in the downloaded folder location. If it is missing from the system, then no worries. You can get it back or the very least, do some things to resolve the problem. 

Vcruntime140.dll File Missing? Do These!

So if vcruntime140.dll was not found, then you can try doing these things if you see the code execution cannot proceed because vcruntime140.dll was not found:

Method 1:Run the SFC (System File Checker) Scan

The system file checker scan is an inbuilt function that you can use to check issues with system files. If there is an issue with the system files, it will resolve it on its own. Here’s what you can do: 

Go to the “Start” section and then from there, search for Command Prompt. Or you can simply launch the “Run” box using the Windows and the R button. Then type “cmd” and then hit the enter button. Make sure you enter into Command Prompt using Admin rights. 

Once you’re in Command Prompt, type the following command at the cursor:


Then hit the enter button. Wait until the whole process is finished. Then exit Command Prompt and start any game or program. Check if you are again facing the same error or not. 

Method 2: Fix MS Visual C++

Here’s another thing you can try doing. Try fixing the Microsoft Visual C++. Try reinstalling it in the following way: 

Open the “Run” box using the “Windows” and the “R” button. The write “Control Panel” in it and then hit the enter button. Once you’re in Control Panel, go to the section called “Programs & Features”. 

Then go to the option called “Uninstall a program” from there. Then search for all the redistributed files among the list of programs. Once you’ve selected them, click on the option called “Change”. 

At first, try changing one of them and see if any changes are made or not. After that click on the option called “Repair”. Then give it permission by allowing it. Click on the option called “Yes”. 

Once the files have been repaired, close the window and then restart the system. Check if you’re facing the error or not. 

Method 3: Uninstall/Reinstall MS Visual C++

If the above-mentioned step did not work out for you then it is advisable that you uninstall the MS Visual C++ file and then install it back again. It will be installed with its default configurations in case there have been changes made to it mistakenly. 

Open the “Start” button and then search for “Programs & Feature”. Click on the result. Then from there, go to the option called “Uninstall a program”. Once it has been uninstalled from the system, close the window. 

Now, open any web browser. Go to the official website of Microsoft. From there, search for the MS Visual C++ file based on the system specification & language. Then, simply download it. Once it has been downloaded, install the setup file by clicking on it. 

Tick on terms & conditions and then select the option called “Install”. Allow the installation to be done by clicking on the” Yes” button. Once it has been installed on the system, restart the system. Now check if that helped the error to be resolved. 

Method 4: Download The DLL File That Is Missing

Here’s one last method you can try but keep in mind that you should only apply this method once the aforementioned methods have failed to work. The directory you’re about to deal with requires attention to detail. Any mistakes such as accidentally deleting any file would do harm to the system. So, here’s how to do that: 

Open any web browser and enter the following address on the address bar to get vcruntime140.dll free download 64 bit:


Then hit the “Enter” button. Once you’re on the webpage, select the DLL file that is the latest version. Download it. Then, after downloading, go to the location of the downloaded folder. Then right-click on it. After that, select the option called “Copy”. 

Now go to C drive on the system then go to the folder called “Windows”. From there, go to the option called “System” and then finally to the folder called “64”. Paste the copied folder in there. 

Now restart the system. Try opening any application and see if you get the same error or not. 


Hopefully, by now, you have a clear idea of what the error signifies and how to fix it!

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