The question that concerns everyone who wants to make blogging on Instagram a career is how to increase the popularity of the produced content. All beginners are interested in getting the appropriate package of cheap ig video views, likes, or other important stats. But along with artificial assistance, you still need to grow your blog organically, hence, your videos have to attract more viewers.  The most efficient ways to achieve that are described in this article.

Use The Best Hashtags

Instagram algorithms categorize content according to the hashtags that are attached to it. It is known that posts that have at least one hashtag included are by 13% more popular than the ones without hashtags at all. So the effective way to gain more views is to provide a relevant choice of them in your video description. Besides, Instagram has an option for users to subscribe to specific hashtags, so hitting the right terms can significantly expand your reach. Brands can also increase their visibility within the niche if they will provide the right hashtags – this practice also improves the performance of paid ads. Choice of terms has to be thorough. You have to make an individual mix of general and more narrow-themed terms to have your profile stand out among the others.

Optimize The Description

Although Instagram is all about the images, the text is quite important for your growth – the same statement is true for video content as well. While scrolling the feed, users are caught by the picture and then retained by the contents of your description – it helps to emphasize the images you uploaded. Since we are talking about video content, it should be duly noticed that this is not the exact material for long-reads, yet, there will be enough space for you to accentuate what you have uploaded. Also, you should infuse relevant keywords in your text, as well as leave calls to action that would serve for encouraging your audience to interact with your account.

Find The Best Time To Post

Timing is vital for getting the most attention to your videos. Although the feed on Instagram is updated according to users preferences and content they check out most often, posting at the right time secures that your videos will be seen, thus, all other content from you will also be exposed. To understand when it will be best for you to post, examine the behavior of your target audience – when they are active the most, is your time to shine. That is a ground rule for success.

Include Your Video In  Advertising

Instagram has a well-developed system of ads, which comes in big help when you need to get more views. Of course, to make this technique work appropriately, you need to set up all the details and pay special attention to your targeting.  Using ads for video promotion is a common practice that is proven to be effective. Utilising an Instagram video downloader might help to download others’ videos to use it as reference. The reason for that is the fact that Instagram is known as the most engaging platform, and videos are also quite an engaging format – this makes a perfect combo for improving your statistics.

Stories Are Working Too

To gain more views, don’t focus solely on feed posts. According to the surveys, people prefer watching videos that are exposed with stories rather than the ones in the feed. You can repost your older videos, or upload them directly: this action will create a group of stories, causing the overall jump of engagement on your profile. With stories you can easily spread your traffic and push different metrics further, assisting you to organize a stable process of gaining more attention to your Instagram blog. Keep in mind that if you publish videos directly to stories, you won’t get exactly video views. But you will be able to raise your engagement rating and trigger the interest to your other uploads, causing the indirect effect.

Break The Limits

At the beginning, you could only post videos one minute long. Today, there are enough options to create diverse content and impress your audience:

  • IGTV is a place where you can upload long videos and save your live session if you need to.
  • Instagram live is a possibility to communicate with the audience and create content on the go
  • Reels are a new format that is similar to Tik Tok videos. This form of video has a high viral potential and creates trends in one click.

Create Interesting Profile Personality

Communication is one of the key factors that makes Instagram so addictive and engaging. People want to meet other people online. And that is why your profile has to demonstrate a personality, real being that users feel easy to approach and socialize with. Start with a username that is original and yet simple to remember. Fill your profile with details that would allow your followers to get to know you, and always infuse your personality in your content. Videos, being the most popular format, are very effective to strengthen the bond between you and your audience.


This point follows the previous one. Instagram is a social media and to get more views you must communicate with the audience you have. Being open and friendly attracts more people, along with good wit. However, don’t try to wear a mask. Although it may not seem so, being not sincere in your opinions is perfectly visible for your audience, and they won’t appreciate it. There is nothing too complicated about it – just be honest and follow the good manners and tolerance in your communication.

Provide Top-Notch Videos

To gain many views on Instagram you have to work hard on the quality of your videos, because the competition is very high and users are a very demanding lot. Give your viewers a reason to stay and watch more, as well as following you and interacting with your content. Technical quality and good value usually need minimum promotion for impressing the public.

  • Improve your gear if your budget allows
  • Visit classes to gain skills of mobile videography and editing
  • Watch carefully how the audience responds to your content and be ready to react quickly


To get many videos for Instagram video you need to develop a smart strategy that impacts many other aspects of your dwelling on the platform. But an optimistic approach and good work on the quality of your content will be your main support in the pursuit for popularity.