If you are a fan of movies and series, then you may have come across a popular website named 1337x.to. The website is popularly known to stream torrent of all movies and series. Most of the time, you’ll find direct torrent links to download a movie or a series. 

1337x is also a platform where you’d get free movies and series to download. Hence, most people prefer visiting this website on a daily basis. The majority of people would prefer using the website because of what it has to offer. This is also one great reason why the website has been banned for use in many regions. 

Most people have recently reported that they’ve encountered an error while trying to access the website. If you are from a region where the ISP (Internet Service Provider) has decided to block the 1337x website for any use, then you’ve come to the right place. To find out more on 1337x proxy, go through the details below on 1337x unblocked!

1337x Website: Is It Banned? 

Over the course of the time, due to the extensive features that 1337x offer, it has gained some attention from the authorities. 1337x has a lot of offers, such as movies, series, games, eBooks and many more. These torrent contents are copyright material. 

Hence, the ISP from many regions had decided to block the region fro further access. However, that does not mean that the website is down and can no longer be found. 1337x is still up on the internet and running smoothly. The only difference is alternative ways to bypass the block and access it. 

These alternative ways can also be called mirror sites or proxy sites. Get more information on the proxy sites that lead to the unblock 1337x website. 

1337x: Official Proxylist!

In order to access the 1337x.to the website, you’d have to sue different domain-named sites. These sites have different domain names but they all at the end lead you to the website. Here’s a list of official proxy sites used for the https://1337x.to/ website. 

  1. 1337.to
  2. 1337x.st
  3. 1337x.ws
  4. 1337x.eu
  5. 1337x.se
  6. 1337x.is
  7. 1337x

Alternative Ways To Unblock To 1337x Website 

The aforementioned proxy sites are always working. However, there may be times when you encounter using these proxy sites as well. This is because of server maintenance. Since these proxy sites are accessed by many people as a mode of alternative, it can be down for maintenance from time to time. 

In that case, there are other ways to access the website and that is by unblocking the website in the following way;

1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Network is one of the most effective solutions if you’re trying to access a website that has been blocked from your regional ISP. VPN allows you to gain access to a website without showing your IP address. This way, the ISP cannot track the IP address of yours. 

There are many great VPNs available on the internet. Keep in mind that you must download a VPN based on bandwidth and many server location’s availabilities. Once you download the file, install the setup file of the VPN and then connect to a different server location, Then try accessing the 1337x website and you shall not face any further difficulties. 

2. Tor Browser 

The second most effective solution to access the blocked 1337x website is the use of the Tor browser. It is a browser that does the same as VPN but the advantage is that you won’t have to enable a VPN externally. You’d get the browsing experience and the inbuilt service of VPN in the Tor browser. 

The Tor browser has the ability to hide the IP address of a user behind more than two Tor IP addresses. The browser can be found on the internet and does not cost a dime. Also, the website is legal for anyone to use. Simply download and install it. Then, open the 1337x website and start enjoying it. 

3. Web Proxy 

A web proxy is the third option that you can consider choosing. If you access the 1337x website using the Web Proxy, then ISP can only see that you’ve visited the web proxy site and not what you’ve requested to visits from there. 

If you search on the web, you’d find both free and paid websites that offer you the same, with limitations and extensive features. Choose whichever suits your convenience and then access the 1337x website. 

Alternative Websites For 1337x!

1337x is a torrent site where you’d get pretty much every media content you’re looking for. However, there are other alternative websites that you can try using instead of 1337x. These websites offer the same as 1337x. 

1. LimeTorrents

One of the latest torrent websites is LimeTorrents. The site works if there is a protocol of peer-to-peer transferring of files. You can get torrents of movies, games, series or eBooks with one click search. If you are unable to find the website, then you can try referring to the proxy websites.

2. The Pirate Bay

If you’ve done some thorough research of where to find torrents for movies, series or games, then you may have come across this popular website called “The Pirate Bay”. The website is so popular that it gets almost 300 million visits from users on a daily basis. 

Because of its popularity, the site has been banned in many regions. But there are some excellent proxy sites that are always up and working fine. You can try considering those proxy sites to access the pirate bay website. 

3. Rarbg

The third most popular website is known to be Rarbg that works on the same protocol of peer-to-peer file transfer. Here, you can also make an account of yours and upload torrents to the website so that other users can use it. The website, ranking in the third position has almost 90 million users visiting every day. 

4. YTS.am

If you are specifically looking for movies, then YTS is where you can go to. The site is different from 1337x because it only provides torrents for movies and not series or games. The torrent that you get on this website, are of high quality, to start with. 

There are magnet links as well or you can also simply download the torrent file and then download it from the uTorrent application program. The interface of the website is also very neat and simple with organized categories for browsing torrents. 

5. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is another website that works similarly to 1337x. It is filled with torrents of movies, series, games, and eBooks with one search click away. 

One great thing about Torrent Downloads website is that the speed quality is incredibly fast. So, you can consider if none of the aforementioned websites are working. 

6. EETV Torrents

If it is Tv shows that you are specifically looking for, then EETV would be the best alternative to 1337x. No matter how long or how recent the desired TV series is, you’ll find it all here using one search click. 

EETV does not have a great or wide range of torrents for movie collections. But, nonetheless, it is great for series.