For those who love sports cars and racing in general, here are the top racing games of 2022. And for those who like to drive not only sports cars, but also expensive cars, we offer you luxury car rental dubai. You can rent a car not only in your city but also upon arrival on vacation. This will be a great option for lovers of speed because in many cities there are autobahns where there are no restrictions. Renting a car is convenient because it will save you not only time but also money while waiting for public transport or a taxi. Also, renting a car will be a great option to try out the car that you like in a racing game.

1st place. Need for Speed: Unbound

The game is suitable for both PC and PS5 and Xbox Series.

This is a new racing simulator in the popular series. The game has a plot in which the protagonist needs to go to the city of Lakeshore in order to return the car that was stolen from his family. The game has realistic graphics, and multiplayer has both classic competitions and a new mode where players can capture zones in the open world. The realism of driving has been introduced into the new game series, which will be different in each selected car. You will have about 150 cars at your disposal, as well as the ability to customize both the driver and the car itself. If we return to the plot, then the secondary missions will not disappoint you either. The game features single-player, campaign, and multiplayer modes.

2nd place. Gran Turismo 7

PlayStation Exclusive

The anniversary edition of one of the most well-known racing video games of all time, Gran Turismo 7, is the top PlayStation racing game. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes.

More than 400 cars will be at your disposal. The store is divided into used cars, novelties, and legends. Before buying, you can run a demo in which the iron horse you like will move majestically against beautiful backgrounds from the photo mode. Similarly, it works in the garage with already purchased cars.

In the same store for each exhibit, there is an information sheet with interesting facts about the brand, specific models, and much more.

Upgrading cars is one of the most important elements of the game. By buying spare parts, you can not only increase performance but also open up new opportunities for customization.

Obviously, a PlayStation exclusive could not do without the use of DualSense capabilities. Vibration works, perfectly transmitting high speeds, drifts, and bumps on the track.

3rd place. Forza Horizon 5

For Xbox, Windows platforms

The map of the new part has become much larger compared to the previous part. It also became filled with incredibly beautiful canyons, Mexican towns, as well as desert roads.

You will have a variety of cars at your disposal, as well as the opportunity to take part in endurance tests in different cars, stunt jumps, seasonal championships, as well as in traditional races, and joint campaigns.

This game will make you come back to it again and again. The game has a lot of game content with different seasons that change almost every week, it is also possible to complete various tasks, while earning points, which can later be exchanged for exclusive cars.

These are our top 3 best racing games of 2022. One has only to try to understand why they are called the best. We hope our list of the best games of 2022 will help you decide how to spend a few evenings.

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