Reading someone’s text messages (without touching their phone) can sound like a lot of work. However, it does not need to be a challenge as many platforms are willing to help you out. It is not limited to text messages as you can check every installed application on the device.

This article covers the top 6 text message spying applications that will help you see other people’s text messages. Before you start worrying about rooting or jailbreaking someone’s smartphone, let us tell you that there is no need to do it. Instead, you can use any device without compromising the device’s security. 

For our first-time readers, here are a few things about phone monitoring applications.

What is Phone Monitoring?  How to do it Remotely?

Phone monitoring is a process that helps you get access to a smartphone remotely. There are different ways to use this process. However, using the phone tracking application is the easiest and the safest option you have. The process includes connecting the device to an online account without letting the owner know.

It allows you to check all the data from that smartphone whenever you want. 

Here are the top 6 applications to help you do it.

1. Safespy


Safespy is one of the most trusted platforms to offer phone monitoring services. Almost every person starts their phone monitoring journey from the same platform because it is reliable and easy to use. If you want to monitor someone’s text messages, Safespy’s website is the best option you have. 

The features of this website make it an exceptional platform to spy on someone’s activities. It has a messaging spy, location tracker, call logs viewer, and a browsing history tracker to help you out.

To use this solution, you need to create a free account on its website. You will receive an installation guide on your registered email to connect the device you want to monitor. Then you can start monitoring the smartphone’s activities after logging in to your account.

Tip: They have excellent customer support that will help with all your queries. Therefore, you can trust them to provide the best services.

2. Minspy


Minspy is another leading platform to provide phone monitoring tools to its customers. It is one of the most reliable websites to get these services. The user interface of this website is quite attractive and provides some quick tips to start monitoring someone’s mobile activities online.

The best part is that it is a complete platform to get access to any smartphone remotely. Thus, getting access to text messages is not even a challenge for this application. 

This application does not require you to root the device to check text messages. Also, it can track social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat remotely. Thus, it is the perfect choice to track someone’s phone without letting them know. 

Tip: Use this application if you are facing some privacy issues as it is the most secure phone tracking platform. 

3. Spyine


You must have heard about this solution for message monitoring services. Spyine is the most favored application by online phone monitoring experts. The reason behind its popularity is its advanced keylogger that records all the text messages, passwords, and other data typed by the person on the device.

Also, it has an exclusive messaging spy tool that shows all the conversations from the targeted smartphone. You can trust this application to provide excellent results without rooting an Android phone. 

The working of this platform is quite simple. You can create a free account, verify the targeted phone, and start monitoring the messages within 2 minutes. Check out its demo version and enjoy the live phone tracking on its homepage.

4. Spyic


Spyic is a bit of a different application and focuses on parental control features. It is the perfect choice for parents who want to know what their kids are doing. Spyic can track location, view messages, and browsing the history of any smartphone.

The application has advanced security measures as the application is designed to monitor kid’s activities. That is why you can enjoy this benefit and start a safe messaging spy experience.

It has some exclusive subscription plans for parents, employers, and partners to track multiple devices. Therefore, you can choose the membership that suits your requirements the most. 

Tip: View the youtube video on its homepage to understand how it works.

5. FoneMonitor


FoneMonitor is another application that has expertise in parental control tools. However, it is a complete phone tracking application that comes with message monitoring services as well. The specialty of this website is its location tracker. It can track the live location of any device along with the places visited by the person.

To get the most out of this application, you can use it on a rooted smartphone. However, it is optional and the application can work on an unrooted device as well. The same thing goes for the iPhone devices as performing jailbreak will give you additional access to that device.

6. NeatSpy


Installing an application on someone’s android phone is a risky task. That is why NeatSpy offers the fastest solution that can install the application within a few seconds. All you need is to create an account and install a mini setup on the device you want to monitor.

It will take a few seconds to verify the device. Then, login back to your account and get complete access to that smartphone easily. For an iPhone smartphone, you do not need to possess it. The process requires only iCloud details and you can track the device with it.

Therefore, NeatSpy can turn out as an excellent solution for your message monitoring purpose.

Final Verdict

After going through the above list, you will never fall short of phone monitoring applications to spy on someone’s messages. Platforms like Safespy and Minspy are enough to meet your phone monitoring needs. However, you can check the complete list to find some more advanced features.

If you want to learn more about these solutions, check out their websites and user reviews.