There are literally a ton of multiplayer FPS shooters in the market but Valorant successfully made it to the top in the list of competitive 5v5 FPS games, battling Counter Strike GO and even trying to take over it bit by bit. Valorant took the whole FPS world by storm when it first came out. The visuals effects, unique abilities, stunning character design are something that made it super popular in a very short time.

The developers have been working around the clock to make it more pleasing and fun for the new players and in the process a lot of changes have been made. So, here is a list of things you MUST have forgotten ever existed in Valorant.

1 – Breach was different before Makeover

Do you recall Breach in his original form? I am sure you don’t because he did receive a complete redesign in the game’s very first update. He used to wear an orange jacket with black mechanical arms, but now he wears a green jacket with silver mechanical arms. Breach’s third flash charge was deleted, and the impact was dispersed across his equipment. As a consequence of the adjustments to Breach’s other abilities, he and his allies now have more consistent outputs. In addition, the cast durations of numerous abilities have been shortened, and the speed of Breach’s Flashpoint projectile has been slowed to allow him to re-equip his weapon and clean up his tools.

2 – Operator Gun Mechanics were Changed

Most dedicated Valorant gamers would agree with me that Valorant’s nerfing of the Operator weapon was a little too much. I get that the gun needs to be nerfed because it could easily overwhelm the other team, especially in single queue, but upping the buy cost while also nerfing the rifle’s powers was a bit too much. The devs changed almost all of the major elements of the gun that made it so deadly in the first place, it includes most of the gun’s attributes that made it so powerful compared to other weapons in the game.

3 – Omen’s Appearance

Omen as you know it now looks cool and that is why many Valorant fans love him but do you remember that when the game first came out, Omen had human-like eyes? His visage has now taken on a ghostly aspect after the updates. And he had never worn chest armour before. But fortunately, he does now, which is what makes him look cool.

4 – The HUD is LOT Cleaner Now

The heads-up display of the game was also way more different. It used to come in a variety of typefaces with a different font style as well. Another thing to note is that the red indicators for the low health and the ammunition were not included in the original game as well and were added in update later on. In comparison to the original game, it’s far more appealing and cleaner today and that is mainly because the developers don’t want the new players to be overwhelmed by all the options and buttons. In subsequent games, the settings panel has also been zoomed out, when it was previously zoomed in. I’m sure you didn’t see it, did you?

5 – Yoru’s Abilities Got a FIX

If you recall, Yoru’s spatial drift ability was a pain to deal with before Valorant’s 2.03 patch update. Yoru’s spatial drift ability has been improved by the developers to increase quality of life. It required the player to share all the details about the enemies that were on Yoru’s radar with other members of his team, which was kind of a burden to deal with.

But after the update now, Yoru’s team members will now be able to view the members of the opposing team on their minimaps as well, eliminating the need to continually relay enemy positions.

These are some of the many CHANGES developers have made in Valorant over time and we have already forgotten many of these, the game is constantly changing and mostly for the good of the new players and in case you haven’t started playing the game, now is the time to do so, just grab a cheap Valorant account from Eldorado (which comes with its own perks) and just jump into the game to take over the battle arena with your favorite Valor!