The best thing about being a writer is the fact that you can always improve and do better. Let’s admit it, there are many written website content all over the internet, and many more are coming from one-page articles to a few more.

With a lot of competitors, how do we ensure to gain an advantage? The answer depends on how you can come up with excellent and read-worthy content for your brand or business. Some of them are by providing value, entertainment, answers questions, and many more. That being said, here are a few of the best tools that could help you create better content.

Word Count Tool

In general, a word count tool is essential to keep track of the number of words and characters there in your sentence. Its primary function is to keep track of the number of your words if you have exceeded your limit or not.

A word count tool helps you to simplify your post content. To ensure that you keep up with a maximum engagement regarding your topic, it is best to stay within a character count limit. This is where character counting tools get in the picture, and one of them is the Word Count Tool.

The Word Count Tool immediately helps you with the word and character count in your sentence. It tallies the number of characters with and without spaces. This tool works with almost all web browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It is also best to use this for your social media post content, books, blogs, and many more.


Grammarly is a useful writing tool that assists people to scan for possible errors, from basic punctuation, spaces, word use, and even up to the most advanced writing mistake. A real-time guideline and suggestions to correct these errors are also provided to its users.

Catching errors on our own is one of the hardest in composing a content, which is why tools like Grammarly are created. Although this is a free spelling and grammar checker, they also have a premium subscription that offers much more assistance, such as a plagiarism check.

It automatically performs its task on your web by downloading its browser extension, may it be on Facebook, Google Docs, or Twitter. You wouldn’t want to use too many tools to maintain your content’s quality, so it is best to get the Grammarly to cover it for you.


For writers struggling with word choice, Hemingway is the best tool for you. This application assists you in creating a clearer, bolder, and more concise content. Once you have copied and pasted your sentences, it automatically checks for errors. It will indicate which part of your sentence requires editing.

In addition, the Hemingway Editor checks the readability of your content. As a writer, you would always aim for fewer paragraphs with shorter sentences as you do not want to bore your target reader. Even though this is an excellent way to keep things flowing and simple, you still need to do some necessary grammar checks. 

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Word repetition is one of the mistakes we want to avoid as a writer. Redundancy is a surefire way to lose the interest of your reader. As much as you can, once a repeated word is identified, try to replace it with any of its synonyms that fits in with your sentence.

One Look Reverse Dictionary is more than happy to help you look for words with a similar definition. Not only that, one of its highlights is to let you look for words by their meaning. Type it in their search bar, and more than one hundred results will be provided, giving you better alternatives to the term you have in mind.


The draft is best for writers who love adventure and get a lot of content ideas out of the blue. This is an online tool that lets writers add to their notes in real-time. This is a perfect substitute for Google Docs. Its users also have the option to decline or allow edits from others.

Just like Google Docs, you have the option to leave comments, collaborate, and track the changes. One of its bragging features is the “mark draft” option. This allows you to save a draft and continue to work on it next time. It also keeps track of the daily word count and sends a reminder about it.

Be a better writer using these tools 

It should always be remembered for writers that self-preparedness and knowledge about your content is the best tool for excellent content. The tools mentioned earlier could be secondary yet crucial to achieving the goal of providing a read-worthy article. These tools play an essential role in keeping a high-quality composition that you aim to deliver to your readers. Also, various apps could help you depending on your needs.