It’s hard to deny that this topic is quite popular as of right now. Due to the current situation around the world, people are unable to follow their regular routine of work at the office. If you’re one of those fortunate people that are able to work from home, this article is an essential read.

Considering that most organizations and companies are functional because of teamwork, productivity could take a hit when everyone is working from home. However, the software and programs available for this situation are more powerful right now than ever.

We’ll be going through all of them briefly, and we’ll limit the list to 10 apps that are worth your time. Most of these are used for remote monitoring, but we tried to make things diverse so that you and your team can get the most out of this work from home experience.

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1. CloudDesk

CloudDesk is perhaps one of the best remote viewing applications out there. CloudDesk has many solutions for remote working, but if we’re just talking about remote viewing, their vDesk function is excellent.

CloudDesk uploads all the data from the user’s end into the cloud-based server and sends it to the client or the employer. The best part about their system is reliability and speed. File sharing and the ability to use separate apps on the remote system are two major plus points.

It even has offline access, and machines can be configured to reset on every restart for security.

2. CircleCare

Apart from just worrying about your company’s performance and employee productivity, employee wellness is also incredibly important. CircleCare makes all of this much easier by enabling you to create your own employee wellness program that can be used remotely.

CircleCare focuses on employee engagement, physical healthiness, and productivity. With this app, you can give corporate updates, notices about co-worker birthdays, and even work anniversaries. On top of all that, it is also a wellness app that keeps track of physical activities and encourages employees to engage in them.

The thing about CircleCare that is so engaging is the beautiful design and simplistic functionality. Think of it as a social app for your organization.

3. Zoom

Let’s put it simply, Zoom is the new Skype. However, it’s more than just a simple video conferencing app, and it gets a lot more done than Skype ever did. You can do remote meetings with teams, whether that’s audio or video.

You can voice call people, host webinars, use the instant messaging function, share files outside of chats. You can create different rooms for different meetings, and up to 100 participants can join in these meetings.

Zoom is simply designed, easy to use, and extremely reliable. It’s the best video conferencing app available.

4. Time Doctor

It is often said that time is money, well, Time Doctor takes that philosophy to heart. If you want to monitor how long your employees are working, this is the perfect app for that. Whenever employees start working, they just need to start the timer for the app on the desktop.

The time doctor records all major events and sites visited once the timer is activated. When the employee clocks out, you can see where they spent all their time. It even shows how much time was spent on a certain website. It’s easy to use and can be a great way to see which employees are giving it their all.

5. Toggl

Toggl is another excellent time tracking application. However, it’s different compared to Time Doctor. It records the period of time spent on a project or collective projects, instead of showing how that time was spent. It is perfect for freelancers, so they can see if they are getting fair pay for the amount of time they put in.

Toggl gives you frequent reports on every project, and it works across several devices, even on mobile. Toggl is a big help if you want to plan out several projects and estimate how long they would take.

6. Slack

If you need a simple yet powerful instant messaging app, Slack is the way to go. Sure, apps like Whatsapp and Messenger are fine if you deal with one or two people. But if you have a larger team, you’d want to have them in separate groups/channels. Ideally, you’d want them on the same platform as well.

Slack excels in all of that. It’s easy to create separate channels, so messages never get cluttered. It even has voice calls and video calls built-in. It also has screen sharing, file sharing, and the ability to set statuses if you are busy or available.

7. Google Calendar

There’s not much to explain here, this is the absolute best calendar app ever created. Google Calendar is extremely expansive and versatile. Sure you can plan out the usual days and months, but you can go even further. Google Calendar lets you schedule specific times for every day of the month.

The best thing is that it is automatically synced with all of your Google apps. So if you save an event to Google Calendar, it will automatically sync up. You can even share events with your teammates, so they can know about upcoming events and save them on their end.

8. TeamViewer

While monitoring the productivity and workflow of your employees is important, sometimes you might need a hands-on approach to explain things. If not that, then maybe you are an IT professional who needs to access the client’s desktop.

You can do so easily with TeamViewer. It’s the fastest and simplest remote viewer out there. Just ask the client to give you access to their device, and you can remotely control it from your end. It is perfect for remote support.

9. CleverControl

If you are looking for something more powerful than the average remote viewer out there, CleverControl is the way to go. The employees only need to have the app installed and CleverControl does the rest. It shows time spent on different apps, attendance statistics, allows live viewing, and screen recording.

The only problem is that with all of those options, things can get cluttered very quickly. So you need to get used to the interface.

10. Hubstaff

If you need something similar to an all-in-one solution, Hubstaff is the way to go. It does the usual work of live viewing and screen recording. Apart from that, it can monitor your staff’s GPS location, and even has a payroll system built-in. You can automatically send payments as you set them.


Hubstaff is powerful, however, it can be quite expensive.