Most people around the world are in quarantine or needs to maintain self-isolation due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. For us, it might seem that quarantine is nothing but a waste of time and there is nothing to do while staying home. Well, this is not true. 

You can watch movies, chat with friends on video-calling, and read books to pass the time. Additionally, there are loads of technical things to do when you are indoor. Organize all your technical stuff including cleaning services at your home.

1. Turn your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

In case you haven’t installed a security camera at your home you can do it now. All you need is a tablet or an old smartphone. Download any compatible mobile application for your old Android or iOS device. Make sure that the mobile application belongs to a certified source. Manage features like motion detection with such applications. Download IP Webcam for Android devices and Manything for iOS ones.

2. Digitize your Old Memories 

You must have old photo albums. Such photo albums easily get damaged due to moisture and other accidents. Organize your old photo albums with online digitizing photo services. You can download mobile applications to scan old photos and save them on a hard drive. Otherwise, you can save your memories on cloud storage so that you do not lose them ever.

3. Update your LinkedIn Account

Probably, you haven’t updated your LinkedIn account recently due to workloads. Now, you have enough time. Update your LinkedIn account by adding your experiences, any blogs on any important note, any review. Make your profile organized for a better job opportunity and connections.

4. Google your Own Name

Sounds weird? Well, this is necessary if you are thinking of a transition after quarantine. Check out your social media profiles and arrange them according to your requirements. Amidst all these, don’t forget cleaning services Dubai for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let coronavirus enter your place and maintain proper cleaning services.

5. Download Facebook Images

Obviously, yours. Download all your Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms’ images. Store them according to your uploading data and details. You might enjoy them while viewing them in your leisure.

6. Generate a Free Credit Report

Online frauds are one of the leading cybercrimes in the whole world. Use a free credit monitoring service or tool to inspect if everything is well or not. Use Credit Karma for monitoring fraudulent accounts, loans, or charges. This way, you can avoid discrepancies.

7. Check the Permission Settings

Every time, you install an application it asks for several permissions from other built-in applications. Check which application holds what kind of permission in your smartphones. This practice definitely improves battery life. Android users have to open Settings followed by the Advanced and then Privacy section. In case, you own an iPhone then go to Settings, followed by Privacy. You can notice the permission section for every application.

8. Convert the Tablet into a Monitor

Are you working from home, now? Create a duet display for extending the view. Use your tablet and download an application like Duet Display on your Windows or Mac device. Just connect the tablet to your computer and work from home.

9. Clear Junks from your Computer

You have been using your computer for years. There are loads of files, folders on your computer. Delete unnecessary files from your computer. Free up space for a flawless performance on your PC.

You take care of your technical data. Let Dubai-Cleaners handle all cleaning services at your place for a healthy lifestyle.