Whatever storage driver is in the system, has a connection to SATA AHCI Controller. These controller drivers are an essential component of the system as without them, you’d start experiencing trouble accessing PC drivers. It is also crucially important to keep the standard SATA ahci controller driver windows, 10 drivers, up to date to avoid any early corruption of the driver. 

That being said, here’s what is the troublesome aspect. Users fail to find the correct driver specific to the system. Hence, you’re looking at a guide on how you can get the most out of SATA AHCI Controller. 

SATA AHCI: What is it?

SATA is also known as Serial Advanced Technology Attachments. It serves the purpose of working with all the drivers for storage use. In order to make the drivers of the system make efficient, SATA 3 protocol is used. However, it is much different from the function of the IDE. As IDE works on signaling in a parallel way, SATA works in a serial order. 

Also, it is much better than old technologies. This is because SATA provides a relatively high speed for transferring files. 


AHCI is also known as the Advanced Host Controller Interface. AHCI acts like a messenger between the SATA and the drivers of the system. It rather serves the purpose of communication among the two. 

If you’d like to enable the AHCI mode, then you can use the UEFI BIOS mode from the system. 

Here’s an interesting fact why HCI is quite useful than you can imagine. You can swap the drivers of the system using the AHCI mode. Also, AHCI gives you that ultimate speed. This is why Windows 10 run time speed is relatively fast. 

How is AHCI Different from IDE Mode?

As many users have been wondering the key difference between IDE and AHCI, then here’s where the line is drawn:

AHCI is different from IDE because it has an ability called hot-swapping. This ability basically is that without having to switch off the system, it allows any user to replace the drivers of the disk. 

Also, AHCI has something that IDE does not have. And that is command queuing. 

Command Queuing is known to deliver the fast speed which AHCI provides, unlike IDE. This is the reason why most users prefer using SATA instead of using ATA. 

How to Know if the System has SATA Mode?

If you’re curious about finding out the SATA controller that is being used by the system then follow these steps below:

Open the Quick Menu using Windows and the “X” key on the keyboard. From the following window, go to the option called “Device Manager”. Then, locate the program called “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller”. Expand the program file selected. 

In the following lists, if you see a file named “Standard SATA AHCI Controller” then be sure that the system is, in fact, being run on the AHCI Mode. 

Is it Possible to Switch From SATA to AHCI?

If you are wondering if you can switch from SATA to ACI then most certainly you can. Here’s how to do it standard SATA ahci controller:

At first, you need to restart the Windows 10 system. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind. This process is not advisable if you already have the Windows 10 OS installed on the PC. It is only applicable if you plan on installing wIndows 10 from fresh again. Otherwise, you’d end up getting a blue screen with the following error code:


Now, let us begin, 

First, restart the system and when you are restarting it, make sure you’re using the Delete key until you enter into the BIOS mode. 

Then, in the following BIOS Mode window, search for the option called “Advanced”. Or you could look for the file called “Standard/Storage Configuration”. 

Now you’ll find a file called SATA Configuration. Or it can also be named as “SATA Controller Settings”. 

Then, choose the option called “Configure SATA” and then select the option called “AHCI”.

Then press the “F10” key in order to save the settings that you’ve just made. After that, the system will reboot. Allow the process to finish and then you’d have AHCI mode activated from STAA IDE. 

How to Install Drivers for SATA AHCI?

 So “how to update standard SATA ahci controller”? As of now, you must be well aware of SATA AHCI Contoller’s importance. This is because it provides the communication purpose between the system’s motherboard and Windows 10 operating system. 

So, if these drivers get damaged or corrupted for some reason, it could potentially cause the system to develop issues such as lagging or response time being very slow. For this reason, it is always advisable that you update the SATA AHCI Drivers. 

Before you can begin the standard SATA ahci controller update driver, it is advisable that you download the latest version for either AMD or Intel. Here’s how to do it:

1. SATA AHCI Controller: [AMD]

To get SATA Controller, in the AMD, here’s what you can do. Lookup Controllers based on AMD computers. Download it and install it right away for standard SATA ahci controller driver update:

2. SATA AHCI Controller: [INTEL]

For Intel Computers, you can do the same process. Simply lookup for the SATA AHCI controller compatible with the Intel system. 

Here’s how you can Update SATA AHCI Controller Driver

Once you have downloaded the newest version of the SATA AHCI controller driver, you can now begin to update the driver for a better output. And there are generally two ways you can do that:

1. From Installation File

You can update the driver from the installation files. When you download the driver, go to the location where the file driver was downloaded. In that folder, you’d see a file that ends with “.exe”. Click on that file and your driver will be updated to its latest version. 

2. From Device Manager

Here’s another way you can update the driver. And that is, from Device Manager. 

At first, go to the “Start” menu and type “device Manager” in the search bar. Or you can simply launch “Device Manager” using the “Windows” and the “X” key. 

Now in Device Manager, locate the file called “IDE ATA? ATAPI Controllers”. Expand the file and you’ll see the program called “SATA Controller”. Then, right-click on the driver and select the option called “Update Driver”. 

In the following window, choose the option called “Search Automatically for updated driver software”. Now the driver will be updated.