Genshin Impact first introduced the 5-star weapon “Staff of Homa” in the Epitome Invocation banner. The banner guarantees the players get a total of 80 wishes using this weapon. 

This weapon was first introduced by the developers on the Genshin Impact 2.2 version. However, the chances of getting the Staff of Homa are quite rare.

The “Staff of Homa” looks like a firewood staff which was earlier used in ancient rituals. It is considered to be the best polearm weapon in this action-role-playing game. It provides the players with a 40% HP boost and double the low-health damage. 

Not all characters can use this weapon in Genshin Impact. Thus, you must acknowledge which game characters need “Staff of Homa” to go to the next level. 

Besides, online players must know how to unlock this in-game weapon. If you’re new to this game, follow this guide to learn more about “Staff of Homa”:

List of Events when Staff of Homa was Available 

The developers offered this 5-star weapon during the two Epitome Invocation game events. Many players got the chance to unlock “Staff of Homa” on February 23, 2021. This weapon was available to worldwide gamers only till March 16, 2021. 

Moreover, the Staff of Homa was featured in the Epitome Invocation which was held in November. Some lucky players get the polearm weapon from this event for 21 days. Besides, the developers promoted this 5-star weapon at the recent March event. However, the “Staff of Homa” is not currently available for online players.

The Staff of Homa in Genshin Impact: Best Characters to Use This Weapon

In the Genshin Impact game, the Staff of Homa is the most effective tool that can help you to defeat enemies. It ensures victory in the multilayer death matches. 

With the introduction of Hu Tao’s rerun banner, many assumed the arrival of the Staff of Homa. This polearm weapon has good stats and excellent passive ability.

In this action-role-playing game, the Staff of Homa is considered to be Hu Toa’s best slot weapon. Players choose this game character to use the Staff of Homa. This 5-star weapon also increases Hu Tao’s maximum HP in Genshin Impact.

Did you get the Staff of Homa from the game’s special events? Equip the weapon to Hu Tao to enter the Paramita Papilio state and attack the enemies with great damage output. The Staff of Homa’s ATK buffs is 5x more than the other five-star polearms.

Which Other In-Game Characters Can Use the Staff of Homa?

Hu Tao is not the only Genshin Impact character that can benefit from the Staff of Homa. This legendary weapon is also suitable for a 5-star Geo character like Zhongli. 

This in-game character uses “Jade Shield ” to defeat the opponents. This Genshin Impact shield also increases Zhongli’s max HP. However, gamers must equip the Staff of Homa to increase Zhongli’s combat power. 

Jade of Shield can’t alone help this character to survive in the game. You will need to use the “Staff of Homa” as Zhongli’s go-to polearm.

Can You Use the Staff of Homa for Xiangling and Cryo?

The Staff of Homa doesn’t necessarily need to equip the HP-focus characters. Gamers can use this polearm weapon for the Pyro character, like Mao Xiangling. It will help you to increase this in-game character’s DPS. Besides, Rosaria can also use the Staff of Homa for an effective ATM buff.

Is there any other Genshin Impact Character that can Use the Staff of Homa?

There are other in-game characters which can use polearm weapons, like the Staff Homa. Xiao, the Anemo character in Genshin Impact, can use this weapon to cause AOE (area of effect) damage. He uses plunge attacks when using the Staff of Home to increase the DPS.

Here are other Genshin Impact characters that can use the Staff of Homa:


The Staff of Homa is considered to be the best weapon for Cyno. This polearm character primarily uses “Staff of the Scarlet Sands”. However, it only helps the in-game character to achieve a 9.6% CRIT rate. 

You can increase the CRIT damage by 14.4% when using the “Staff of Homa”. Besides, Cyno’s HP can be increased by 20% when the Staff of Homa is equipped.


Genshin impact players can also use this tool for Thoma. This character was introduced in the game’s 3.1 version. Thoma mainly uses polearm weapons to defeat the opponents in the death matches. You can increase Thoma’s CRIT damage by 66.2% when using Staff of Homa. 


Did you unlock Raiden in Genshin Impact? You can choose the Staff of Homa as her polearm weapon. This character mostly uses “Engulfing Lightning’ as her main tool. It helps Raiden to gain a maximum bonus of 80% ATK. However, players can also use the Staff of Homa to increase the ATK bonus. 


Candace is another Genshin Impact character that can use polearm weapons. Its main weapon is a “Skyward Spine”, which increases the CRIT rate by 8%. You can also use “Favonius Lance” to increase the energy recharge by 30.6%. However, the Staff of Homa will be ideal for improving the ATK buff.

The Staff of Homa: Stats and the Passive Effect in the Genshin Impact

There are several reasons why the Staff of Homa is mostly used as a polearm weapon. It allows the players to reach a base attack of 608 in Genshin Imacpt’s multiplayer matches. 

However, you must reach level 90 to use this five-star weapon. Gamers can get a 66.15 % or more CRIT damage bonus when using the Staff of Homa.

Each Genshin Impact weapon has a different refinement rank. At the first refinement level, the Staff of Homa’s passive effect can increase the gamer’s max HP by 20%. Moreover, gamers can get an ATK bonus of 0.8% of their maximum HP. 

Does the character you use have below 50% health? The attack buff will grow by 1% of their max HP when using the Staff of Home. Thus, this tool increases the gamer’s chance of winning the death matches. 

However, only getting the Staff of Homa is not enough to improve the character’s health. Gamers should collect “Mora” to increase the max HP and ATK bonus.

The Staff of Homa: How to Get this Legendary Weapon?

The last character banner, “Moment of Bloom” featured two new characters – Sayu and Diona. Moreover, the best 5-star weapon of Genshin Impact: Staff of Homa was also available there. 

The developers are also planning to add a new game event at the end of 2022. All you need to open the game and tap on “Weapon Event Wish”. Choose “Staff of Homa” from the available weapon event banner. 

Additionally, you can go to “Standard Banner” to obtain the Staff of Homa for the in-game character. However, not all players can increase CRIT damage by 66% when using this weapon. 

The DPS or ATK bonus will gradually increase when you get to a higher game level. So, complete the missions to get the best results when using the Staff of Homa.