The hassle of connecting the Epson printer to your PC and printing the documents is over. With the advancement of printing and network technology, you can now print from your mobile and tablet devices via WiFi. In addition to that, a few Epson printers also allow you to print directly from the device. But, what if Epson printer WiFi connection problems arise? 

You have to know the possible causes behind the issue. Some of them are outdated network drivers, improper printer configuration settings, interrupted internet connection, cache and residual files and many more. So, it is obvious that you have to find the best possible solutions to fix the situation. 

A Few Things to Check before you Proceed

Check whether your printer has papers in the paper tray because you might have to make a test print while performing the solutions. On the other hand, make sure the ink cartridges are working fine with no dust, dirt and debris in the nozzle or print head. 

The Effective Methods

Hopefully, you have already verified the points mentioned in the previous section. Now it is time to go through all the solutions. 

Method 1: The New Version of Printer Drivers 

From time to time, it is necessary to update the printer and all the drivers present in your system. This may happen because one of the important printer drivers can be missing from your system. So, you must resolve the situation when Epson printer WiFi connection problems occur. 

Generally, Epson printers come along with a CD or DVD. This disc contains all the necessary drivers. Insert the disc in your computer, follow all the instructions and install the drivers. Now, navigate to the Device Manager — Right-click on the name of the printer adapter. Suppose you see the Activated Update option. Download the latest version of drivers once again. If not, then all the printer drivers are up-to-date.

Method 2: Re-Configure the Port Settings 

The printer ports allow all the incoming connections to the printer. If the port is not configured properly, several complications can take place. In addition to that, Epson printer WiFi connection problems can also occur. So, the solution is simple – Navigate to the Device and Printers option in the Control Panel or Settings. Select the Printer icon and right-click on it, then choose properties. In the Ports tab, tick mark on the USB001, click on OK to save changes. Now, try to connect your Epson printer to the WiFi. 

Method 3: Is your Internet Connection OK?

If the internet connection is interrupted, the Epson printer WiFi connection problems occur. Sometimes, the printer cannot even find the WiFi router. To fix the issue, check the network ping with the help of Command Prompt. If the MS (microseconds) is greater than 1, your network faces data packet loss. Call the ISP to fix the problem. When done, the Epson printer will connect to the wireless network. 

Method 4: Restart your Epson Printer

The process of restarting the device might work when Epson printer WiFi connection problems occur. So, detach the power cable from the electrical socket board while the printer is on. This will initiate the force restart. Wait for a couple of minutes. Once again, re-attach the power cable to the electrical socket board. Turn on the printer after that. When the device is ready, print a test page. If the process is successful, then try to connect the device to the wireless connection. 

Method 5: Clear the Printer Cache Files

The cache, junk and residual files restrict most applications to run on your computer. Similarly, your Epson printer is not an exception. Maybe, for this reason, the Epson printer WiFi connection problems occur. So, you have to clear all the cache and residual files to bring back the printer’s wireless connection to normal. First, turn off the printer. After that, find the Feed button. Press and hold the button, and don’t release it for now. 

Don’t release the button and simultaneously press the power key to turn on the printer. Print a test page. When the printing process is ongoing, release the Feed button. Once again, press the Feed button to print the second page. This will remove all the cache files from the printer. 

How about the Printer Reset? Will it work?

Hopefully, yes. Resetting the device will eliminate Epson printer WiFi connection problems. The Reset button is present on the backside of the printer. Press and hold the button for a few seconds and release it.