Nowadays, getting an app developed is not a challenging task, but to make it viral among the target audience is. As Gartner stated last year, less than 0.01% of all mobile apps will become financially successful. So, why the odds of success is too low? 

The reason behind such a low rate of success in mobile apps is the release of an enormous number of apps on a daily basis. As of date, there are around five million apps available in the app market and with each day, the number is getting increased. Thus, to stand out, the app must have some USP or a stunning design pattern.

Astonishingly, many apps fail because of their looks and design. When the user doesn’t get an appealing look, the chances are high that they won’t use the app more often, and after some time, the app might get removed from the device only.

So, to save an app from a design perspective, it must be visually appealing and engaging. It can only be achieved only if there is a balanced blend of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) in the app.

In this article, we will be discussing in detail the importance of mobile UI/UX design in the app development process. First, we will talk about the UX and then we will take on UI.

Why User Experience or UX Matter in Mobile App?

UX can be defined as the experience that a user comes across while interacting with an app. Therefore, it makes more sense if an app is integrated with features that the users can better relate to. The customized features in an app is always appreciated by the users.

By following the best mobile UX practices, the chances of a hike in the conversation rate can be expected. For instance, in a taxi-booking app, the more conveniently the user can book a taxi, the better will be the user experience. Thus, the user will retain such an app for a longer time. Therefore, it’s crucial that the app should be designed by keeping in mind the users’ interests.

Every year, there are new additions to the mobile UI design trends and it’s vital for the app designers to embrace such trends at the earliest. It will also help the app developers to gain the user’s loyalty.

The following are some of the trending mobile UX trends that can be considered:

  •     Motion Design
  •     3D in Interfaces
  •     UX Writing
  •     Font Type

Why User Interface or UI Matter in Mobile App?

In mobile app development UI play most significant role.UI is the bridge between the human-computer interaction that allows the users to communicate with the system. In terms of an app, it’s the way the user interacts through the UI. It guides the user through the app to the intended destination.

In short, a flexible and efficient UI brings in factors like clarity, consistency, responsiveness, familiarity, and attractiveness. The app designer just needs to be sure if the proposed UI satisfies each element or not.

For instance, Color Therapy Coloring Number is an app that has a remarkable UI and draws the user’s attention effortlessly.

Significance Of UI/UX Design in the Development of Mobile Apps


Source: App Store

The following are some of the trending mobile UI trends that can be considered:

  •     Custom 3D graphic
  •     Colorful and custom made illustrations
  •     Liquid graphics
  •     Brazen, large typography
  •     Dark themes

What Holds the Future for UI/UX in the Mobile App Industry?

Technology in the app development is not going to break-off in the near future and will drive the future outcome of mobile apps. While running on the same path, app designers of the app-focused platforms are trying every new trick that lures the user to stay on the app for maximum possible time.

In the future, we can expect many more changes in the app design field. Few of the trends that may hit the designing industry are as follows:

  • VR/AR: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are already riding on the success of its applications that they offer. And for the same reason, mobile designers can bring these excellent technologies in the foreground.
  •  AI: Artificial Intelligence is a term that is quite popular in the tech world. Many top companies are already using AI into their operations and that time is not far off when it will be synced into mobile app designing.
  •  IoT: Internet of Things is a new craze among tech enthusiasts and researchers are delving more into it. We can expect some new innovations regarding IoT’s contribution in the designing field.

With this, we can conclude this article and move on to the future mobile UI/UX design trends that will shine bright in 2020.