Your Samsung TV comes with limited space, like your smartphone or computer. So, you might find its space to be insufficient under various circumstances. Many people face this issue while trying to download an app on their Samsung TVs. You can take various steps for an effective solution to this issue. Transferring files from your Samsung TV to another device is always a good option. However, it is not the only way to deal with insufficient space on the device. As mentioned below, you might also want to try some other Samsung TV insufficient storage space fixes. 

5 Ways for Samsung TV insufficient Storage Space Fix

Do you have too many apps on your Samsung TV? If yes, that might explain the insufficient space message in your case. Sometimes, this problem also indicates the presence of cache files. Apart from removing them, you can also consider adding them to your Samsung TV’s memory. 

You might want to check the available memory on your Samsung TV before applying a solution. Open the Apps section and check the top-right corner for the storage information. 

Check the available space to know how much space you need to clear. Then, proceed with any of the following steps depending on your situation for Samsung TV insufficient storage space fix:

Restart Your Samsung Smart TV

Are you unwilling to delete your files and apps right away? You must restart your device first and check whether that works. Hold down the power button until you see the Restart and Turn Off options. Then, select one of them and check on the problem after turning on the TV again. 

Restarting will reset the network settings on your Samsung TV, which can fix many issues. You might succeed in resolving the storage space problems with this method in many cases. However, after this step, you must delete some apps and files if the issue persists. 

Delete Unnecessary Apps

You might not need some apps installed on your Samsung TV anymore. In that case, you must consider deleting them, especially if these apps take up a lot of space. You can do that in a few simple steps through your device’s settings. 

Go to the Smart Hub, click Apps, and open the Options. Then, select the Delete My Apps option and choose apps for deleting them from your device. Click on Delete and then on Yes to confirm your decision. 

Go back to the Apps section to check the storage information again. Does your Samsung smart TV have enough storage space? If it does not, you must move on to the next steps after completing this. 

Remove Cache Files

The apps on your smart TV would generate cache files regularly. You must delete these files regularly to maintain sufficient free storage space. Your apps will generate these files after some time, even if you delete them. Open the Settings menu and go to the General section to delete the cache files. 

Click on System Manager and view the Storage window to find your files. This window lets you view the files based on their size or category. In this case, you must view the Cached Files and click on Clear Cached Data. Wait for your device to delete the cache before checking the storage space again. 

Delete all Unnecessary Files

You must also delete any files you do not need on your Samsung TV. Does your device still have insufficient space after implementing the previous steps? Go to the System Manager’s Storage section and view your files. Sort the files based on the type you want to delete and select the unnecessary ones. 

Opt for deleting the selected files and confirm your decision to delete them. Depending on the volume of the files, this should free up considerable space on your Samsung TV. Check whether Samsung TV insufficient storage space fix creates more space on your device after that. 

Use External Storage

Are you unable to create the required space on your Samsung TV? Then, its internal storage might not be enough, and you need an external one. In that case, you must buy an external drive if you do not have one already. Depending on your TV model, you also need to get the appropriate format on the drive. 

How to Use the External Drive to Install Samsung TV Apps?

Connect the external drive to your TV’s USB port to start using it. Then, navigate to the Apps section on your Samsung TV and start installing the app. You would not see the “insufficient space” message if the external drive had enough space. But, if you do, then you must clear some space on the drive or use a different one. 

You must connect the drive to your TV whenever you want to use these apps. Also, storing apps and files externally is viable for your Samsung TV. 

What if the External Drive is not Supported?

Your external drive should have the right file system as your Samsung TV might not support it. So, you need to format the drive if your Smart TV cannot read it. You can do that through the settings in a few simple steps. 

Go to the Storage & Reset section in your Settings and select the external drive. Then, opt for formatting the drive as device storage. Wait while your Samsung TV formats the drive, and then try installing apps on it. 

What if these Solutions do not Work?

Resetting your Samsung TV might be the only viable Samsung TV insufficient storage space fix if the aforementioned ones are ineffective. Click on the Menu button on your remote and navigate to the Support section. Open the Self Diagnosis options and select Reset to restore the factory settings. 

Apart from removing all your customisations, this will also remove all your data. So, you should have enough space on your Samsung TV after the reset. Consider replacing the Smart TV if it is old enough.