Google Chromebook is powered by Chrome OS, which is a bit different from the other system software. Recently, most users have been reporting about their Chromebook keyboard locked. It is one of the issues that is closely related to the Chromebook not working. Without the physical keyboard, you can work with the on-screen keyboard. It is quite hectic, and you need to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

There are many reasons behind the issue . Malware can affect the system, corrupted cache files on your computer, outdated system OS and hardware issues can also be the reason. It seems that you can only tweak with the software. In the case of hardware, you must get assistance from experts. 

Unlock your Chromebook Keyboard

Here are the effective methods that will help you to unlock your Chromebook keyboard. Before that, make sure that your computer is connected to the charger. Now, let’s have a look at the methods. 

Method 1: Restart the Device

Unplug all the cables from the device and restart. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes, and then turn it on. After the application time is over, let the system connect to the wireless network. Now, open any blank document and try to type from the physical keyboard. Hopefully, the Chromebook keyboard locked will not occur again.

Method 2: Reset the Web Browser

It’s obvious that you surf the internet with the help of a web browser. Several apps run subscripts and superscripts on your system closely related to the keyboard. And, this resulted in the Chromebook keyboard locked. Navigate to the Settings and click on Advanced. Once again, click on Reset Settings, and the browser will roll back to its default settings. Close the browser and restart it once again. Now, try to type something on the address bar with the help of the physical keyboard. 

Method 3: Get along with the Powerwash

This is a new different concept compared to all the other OS. The powerwash process not only wipes out all the residual files but also closes all the ongoing background programs. Furthermore, this procedure also clears the system log files. Hopefully, this will eliminate the Chromebook keyboard locked issue. Sign in to your Chromebook account, and close all the ongoing applications. 

After that, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R simultaneously and click on the Restart button. The confirmation dialog box will appear, asking whether you want to continue the process or not. Click on Continue and wait for the process to complete. You restart the system to save changes. After that, hopefully, the device will be free from Chromebook keyboard locked error. 

Method 4: Initiate a Hardware Reset Process

You can tweak the hardware of your system to reset the process. This process might come in handy when the Chromebook keyboard locked. To reset the hardware, shut down the Chromebook. After that, press and hold the refresh key and the power button simultaneously for at least 8 to 10 seconds. Release the Refresh button and then the Power button. Now, your physical keyboard should work properly. 

Method 5: Force Shutdown the Chromebook

There are two ways to shut down the Chromebook – normal and forcefully. When the Chromebook keyboard locked, the forced shutdown of the device might work. So, let’s try it out. Unplug the charger first. After that, remove the battery while the device is still on. The system will shutdown. Wait for sometime and place the battery at its desired place. Press the Power button to turn on. Chrome OS will load and it is followed by the application time. 

Did you Try an External Keyboard?

Critical issues from the motherboard can lead to Chromebook keyboard locked. In such cases, you can try testing with the help of an external keyboard. If things go well with the external keyboard, then the systen is facing some serious hardware issues. So, you must look into the matter quickly. 

What about the Outside Physical Force?

It seems that you have accidentally dropped the device from your hand. In such cases, the Chromebook keyboard locked is obvious. It is not at all easy to resolve this kind of hardware problem. Furthermore, these types of issues actually void warranty. Fortunately, if there are any replacement parts, then those parts will have a certain period of international warranty. 

The Expert’s Opinion

When the above-mentioned methods fail, then there are hardware issues. Take the necessary documentation along with the device to the nearest authorized service center. The experts will analyze and test the device to determine the error. After that, you will come to know about the necessary repairs, replacements and it’s cost.