You probably have witnessed many occasions when Windows 10 can’t find the necessary documents and it is nowhere in your computer and the main problem is you recycle bin being empty. Losing or unintentionally deleting your personal and crucial data can be catastrophic and heartbreaking at the same time. You would obviously want to figure out what is wrong with Windows 10 or suddenly where did the files disappear.

Deletion of all your important data definitely sounds tiring because it has all your life and business data and there is no way you could compromise it at any cost. Those data can be your lifetime memories or could also be your business records. To make sure your personal data doesn’t get permanently deleted you have to install one of the best Windows 10 data recovery software.

When you delete files in Windows it basically gets permanently deleted/ Is it true? No, it doesn’t. To know what happens give this article a thorough read.

How files get permanently deleted from your Windows 10?

Usually, when you delete files in your computer in Windows OS by pressing Right Click and then press Yes, it directly lands up in the recycle bin. We often think that all the data that we delete are permanently gone, but it is not true. Even if you use “Shift+ Delete”, the data is not deleted. And the fun part is you can get back all your important and deleted data by going but you don’t know where it is. Right?

If you are worrying your permanently deleted files in Windows 10 and you want to recover all the deleted files then you have come to the right place.

Few Common reasons for permanently deleted files

Primary Causes 

  1. Accidentally or intentionally cleaning your Recycle Bin
  2. When you delete your files by using “Shift+ Delete.

Secondary causes:

  1. Files can also get corrupted by virus attacks or malware installed on your PC.
  2. Large files don’t store massive files, so they bypass it
  3. Deleting files using commands
  4. Deleting a file when “Do not move deleted files to Recycle Bin” is enabled.

Is it possible to recover permanently deleted files Windows 10?

Yes, technically it is possible to get back all your permanently deleted files on your Windows 10 PC. The files or folders you are talking about is not actually fully gone, it is just not within your reach and lying deep within your computer. And when you delete all these files, the system marks it as inaccessible data and if it gets overwritten by new data, then you would never get back your important data. So, it gets us to the conclusion that we can get back permanently deleted files but we have to make it fast.

How Windows 10 data recovery software work? Does It Recover permanently deleted files windows 10?

There are several free and premium data recovery softwares available in the market but you need to pick the one right and suitable for your device. We will discuss all the important factors of the best data recovery software and then leave it on you to decide.

How to restore deleted files using Data Recovery Software? 

This is one of the easiest methods of getting your deleted data back within no time. You have to use a good disk data recovery software and we suggest you the best recovery software used by many tech geeks and core Windows users around the world.

  1. Your first step is to download Stellar Data Recovery Standard Software
  2. Once you download the software, install it on external USB drive to avoid the risk of overwriting.
  3. When you are done installing, launch the Stellar data recovery software.
  4. Select “All Data” or select a specific file type from the options given and then click on “Next”.
  5. Now choose the deleted files location and then select a particular folder under “Common Locations” or you can also choose the drive volume from “Connected Users” and then finally click on “Scan”.
  6. When the scan is complete, files will appear in the left tree view pane. Just expand the tree to spot desired files or you can also press on the “File Type” tab to sort out the files immediately.
  7. Now head to the search bar to find files and then click on a file to see its preview before you save it.
  8. If suppose you do not get your desired data, then without thinking twice click on “Click Here” options besides the Deep Scan which is located below.
  9. So, at last, you can recover the files by clicking on “Recover> Browse” and select a location you want to save the files and click on “Start Saving

Now you can restore the permanently deleted files, but this time you can create a back up to keep it safe so that the data stay safe and secured in the future.

Wrapping things Up

I would recommend to all my audience, to always keep a back up of all your critical files. You can use external hard disks or you can also go for cloud storage and keep your data safe.

Stellar data recovery softwares is a very efficient and handy tool used and recommended by proficient users.

It better to prevent your data than the loss it permanently. So, we have come to an end of the article on Windows 10 Data Recovery Software to Recover Permanently Deleted Files and I hope the discussion above has helped you to get back your permanently deleted files successfully.

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