The craze for watching movies online either from your mobile phones or tablets started a long time ago. And in recent times, it is very much evident that the craze has taken a gigantic shape and you won’t believe that it is still growing.

This trend of watching online movies brought a huge opportunity for many online movies streaming websites on the internet. Putlocker is just like one of those websites that provide the service of online movie screening.

The best part of these sites like putlocker is that in order to watch movies and web series online you don’t have to pay any amount as a subscription. All you need is a displaying device and a strong internet connection(strong to avoid buffering).

But not only putlocker there are many more websites listed on the internet that provides the exact same service as of putlocker, or you may call it putlocker alternatives but that is also streaming movies and web series online. And that is what this topic is all about.

Initially, let us take a more detailed view of what putlocker is and how it works. So let us start with a brief introduction about putlocker.

Putlocker- A Brief Intro

In the year 2011, a team of website developers forms the United Kingdom developed a website or a series of websites for streaming online entertainment media online for free. This website or set of websites is named as putlocker or putlockers (as it contains many other subsidiaries hosting index websites).

Gradually as the putlocker grew up and spread its wings, users from all over the world made use of putlocker to stream online media at completely zero cost. But on the other side, putlocker got shut down several times in the allegation of piracy and fraud. 

Because of this reason, putlocker changed its domain name several times and currently running at the .kz address. Due to this reason, many users thought that using an alternative website will be a better and safer option.

Ways to Watch Online Movies Safely: Putlocker Alternative

From the ethical point of view, watching movies online for free is after all an illegal activity but not that major one. But still, it is always better to play on the safe side. That is why this is a very important note that you should always keep yourself secured and protected before accessing sites like putlocker.

The best solution for this issue is to use any kind of VPN (Virtual Private Network) software on your device. VPNs have the capability to provide you a safe environment while watching movies online. VPN creates a private bridge and connects your device privately to private networks.

Apart from using a VPN, you can also securely watch movies online. Just make sure that you never ever click on any pop-ups or advertisements.

Putlocker Alternative or Sites like Putlocker: Online Streaming Websites

Just as mentioned above, putlocker website is not alone when it comes to the matter of streaming movies and entertainment media online. If you surf the internet, you will find lots and lots of sites like putlocker. So let us list down some of the putlocker alternatives.

1. 123 Movies

Every user wants to watch the online streaming of movies safely and securely. And this is one of the major reasons 123 movies got famous. Apart from delivering the best entertainment content, the 123 movies website also provides a fully secure environment during watching movies online.

The best thing about 123 movies is that you can watch movies anytime without even signing up. The website has a great user-friendly interface and you can watch any kind of movie here irrespective of the fact that how old or new the movie is.

The total website is well-arranged. Each category is divided into different sections so that you don’t have to search much while finding your favorite show. There is a search box included on the website that also comes with filtering options.

Apart from all this, 123 Movies also gives you movie suggestions based on your viewing history. Therefore if you are aiming to free stream online movies in a safe and secure environment then 123 Movies is a great alternative to putlocker.

Putlocker Alternative

2. Megashare

According to several user reviews and other reports now it can be said that Megashare is the most convenient and direct streaming website in the whole market. This can be because of the fact that Megashare has an unmatched user interface that attracts a huge number of daily viewers from all over the world.

Another great thing is that Megashare allows its users to choose or change the video quality of any video content they are watching. But this feature needs a strong internet connection to display videos in full HD qualities.

You can also play subtitles on any foreign language video content. The Megashare works best on smartphones and is generally got its recognition from smartphone streamers.

Sites like Putlocker

3. Popcornflix

Another great platform to stream your favorite shows online is Popcorn. The website has been there on the internet for a very long time. Gradually over the years, Popcornflix generated a community of daily streamers and now can be considered as an efficient putlocker alternative.

Another attractive point of popcornflix is that the website has a huge collection of old classic movies. But that does not mean that you cannot watch new movies on Popcornflix. You don’t need to log in either, just go to your browser search for popcornflix, open the website and start watching.

Whether it be on your smartphone or on your PC, it works very smoothly on any device you open it.

Putlocker Alternatives

4. Popcorn Time

Just like popular online streaming websites Netflix and Amazon Prime, Popcorn times also hold a similar level of popularity. There is a massive inventory present in the Popcorn Time website that is filled with a collection of thousands and thousands of old and new movies and web series.

Every movie and web series section is properly categorized to give you a beautiful presentation. There are also separate sections for different categories of movies like the upcoming movies, classic movies, award-winning movies.

These features of Popcorn Time makes a great alternative to putlocker.

Putlocker Alternative

5. Fmovies

Among the huge crowd of free online streaming websites, Fmovies hold a separate fanbase for its sleek and fast user interface. And because of this feature, Fmovies stand out among its competitors.

But only that. The Fmovies is also famous for holding a huge inventory of all kinds of movies and web series. You can easily browse through each category. But on a note, you should know that for a better performance of this website, you might have to use a VPN connection.

Putlocker Alternatives

6. Uwatchfree

You can consider uwatchfree as another heavy competitor of putlocker in terms of streaming online movies for free. Uwatchfree consists of a huge library of movies and web series almost from every genre. 

The home page of the webpage is well organized and movies are displayed in tile format. A search bar is also present on the top so that you get to search your favorites. Therefore, It can be said that for all these unique features, uwatchfree is one of the putlocker alternatives. 

Sites like Putlocker

7. Los Movies

Los Movies got their name in competing for a long time by providing subtitles on every video in almost every language. Because of this reason, Lose Movies got its recognition as a much-needed sites like putlocker.

Apart from just subtitles, the website allows their user to view every video on HD quality. On a quick, you should know that if you are using an ad blocker on your system then the built-in video player of the website might not work properly.

Other than this, Los Movies is a great putlocker alternative and any other online movie streaming website.

Putlocker Alternative


There is no doubt in the fact that putlocker is a great online movie streaming website. But due to some reason, the website is now constantly changing its domain name. Therefore viewers are now demanding a putlocker alternatives.

In the above topic, you have witnessed some of the best online movie streaming websites that are the best sites like putlocker.