Paytm, a widely accepted digital payment app has recently made a collaboration with a non-banking financial company called Clix Finance. These partnered companies make several offers on digital loans which can be taken instantly.

The customers and the merchants who use Paytm can avail the loan as well. There are two ways by which you can get this loan viz. Deferred or Postpaid Payment and Merchant Lines.

Paytm and Clix developed a model called Machine Learning through which all the Paytm customers and merchants get this instant digital loan via Paytm platforms.

After this collaboration, the customer’s response was astonishing. They have shown their huge interest in Paytm postpaid method and merchant lending products.

Clix Finance Review

A Personal loan is becoming a necessity to establish a business in today’s life. This loan is in high demand because of instant cash available in your account and this in return easily fulfills all your needs at the time when you want. These are easily available and that is the main reason why it’s given more preference by people.

Clix Finance is a non-banking financial company established in 1993. This company gives you several offers in both commercials as well as retail lending. The technology that it uses helps in getting a faster and simpler loan. And even has the capability to secure the future, through educational insurance.

Loans Offered by Clix Finance

Users can get a variety of personal loan. In three different segments, Clix Finance offers around three segments of loan namely- SME Lending, Commercial and Corporate Lending, Consumer lending.

In Consumers lending section, Clix finance provides the listed below loans.

  • Consumer Durables Loan
  • Personal Loans
  • Educational Loans
  • School Loans
  • Used Car Loans

Motivation Behind Such Collaboration

With all this chaos, you must be thinking what may have been the reason behind such collaboration? Well, do not worry. As we have got you covered up in this section regarding this. Let’s take a deep look into this section to know the reasons behind such collaboration.

  • Both, Clix Finance and Paytm aims to focus on larger customer traffic. They want to present their credit tested algorithmic lending products to customers and merchant base. Within a few months, Clix finance and Paytm are planning to launch a variety of new products. They believe all these products will add value to customer experience and fulfill their demand.
  • The main motive of them is to co-create such products which will be unique and easy to customize. Millions of customers can meet their financial needs by these products. “Around 60 million MSMEs in India need to go digital”- said the founder of the Clix finance. 
  • This partnership has been made to help all those self-employed and small industries who are unable to get a loan from the bank easily.
  • For the development of this new venture, both Paytm and Clix finance have introduced another creation- AI-based router engine. By using this router, all the merchants can get successful payment rates.
  • According to the latest announcement made by Paytm, customers can now get education loans as well. The services that they have introduced are educational insurance, co-branded smart cards as well as loans.

The CEO of the Clix Finance stated

”At Clix, our goal is to empower our customers by offering credit facilities that are seamlessly integrated with their purchase journeys. Built on customer-centricity and strong technologies and analytical capabilities of both partners, we believe that our partnership with Paytm will be a significant step towards taking customer experience to a completely new level.”


Overall, this collaboration will help users in several ways. People can get faster loans and enhance customer experience by launching new products. As these loans have low interest and instant money transfer so that you can easily avail these loans and start your business, thereby, fulfilling your dreams.

Following that, this new initiative of a very well-known digital payment platform called Paytm and Clix Finance will be also helpful for self-employed as well as for small enterprises.