If you’re a gamer, especially an Overwatch gamer, then you’d be familiar with a common error that keeps appearing. That is, “your rendering device has been lost overwatch”. Many players have been fed up as this error pops up on the screen out of nowhere. And the most frustrating thing about this “overwatch your rendering device has been lost” error is that it does not come with the reason behind its trigger. 

If you’ve experienced it, your anger is understandable. The game cannot be played currently. But, there is something you can do about it to fix. It. To find out more about this, go through the content below!

What Triggers this Error for Overwatch Game?

Here are some possible scenarios that you can look at. Not only will you understand better about the overwatch rendering device lost error, but you’d be able to see the bigger picture and resolve the issue easily.

  1. If you are playing Overwatch with other programs running in the background then you may likely get this error. 
  2. The trigger could occur if there is something wrong with the components of the CPU as well as the GPU
  3. If the drivers of the system consist of faulty chips then you’d face the error. 
  4. Does the hardware have issues? That could also add up to it.
  5. Superfetch is disabled? Then also you’d get this error.

How to Fix “Rendering Device Has Been Lost” Issue on Overwatch Game?

Try these methods listed below to resolve the overwatch rendering device lost fix issue:

Method 1: Quit Background Running Programs

As mentioned in the list of possible reasons, having programs running in the background may cause Ovewtach to generate this error. For that, it is advisable that you quit all the background applications running in the following way:

Go to the “Start” menu and then in the search bar, type “Task Manager”. Or open the “Run” box using the “Windows” and the “R” button. Then type “taskmgr” and then click on the “OK” option.

Now in task manager, under the tab called “processes”, look out for the list of all processes that are running in the background. Select all the processes that are taking up a large amount of space in the memory. Then click on the button called “End Process”.   Quit the current session of Overwatch as well. Then refresh the system using the “F5” key. Then re-open the game and check if you are getting the error or not. 

Method 2:  Reset Hardware Components

Overwatch could experience issues if you’ve made alterations with the CPU or the GPU. Mostly the clock settings. For that, you can try resetting the speed of the clock of the frequency settings to its original default settings. 

If you see that the method has not worked out. You can try reducing the speed of the frequency of the CPU. Now check if you get the same error or not. 

Method 3: Enable The Superfetch Service

If you don’t know what Superfetch is or does, it basically acts as a memory manager for the system. Hence, Superfetch is disabled then you won’t be able to play the game. Because Overwatch requires memory in order to run smoothly. 

Launch the “Run” box using the “Windows” and the “R” key. In the blank field, type “services.msc”. Then hit the “Enter” key. After that, among the list of services, look for the file called “Superfetch”. 

Now check if the service is running or not. If you see that Superfetch services are not running then right-click on the file. Then choose the option called “Properties”. 

In the properties box, under the tab called “General”, make the Startup type as Automatic and then click on the button called “OK”. After that is done, restart the system and check if you see the error or not. 

Method 4: Change The Graphics Settings

To change the graphics settings of the system, do the following step:

At first, go to the “Start” button and then search for “Device Manager”. Then from there, go to “AMD Radeon Settings”. Then click on the option called “Display”. After that select the option called “GPU Scaling”. 

Now exit the box and then restart the system. Then open the Overwatch game and check if you are facing the error again or not. 

Method 5: Check if PSU is Working or Not

The power Supply Unit is one of the most important core components of the system. It’s like the brain of the operating system without which the system will not function at all. Hence, if there is a hardware fault or technical glitch in the power supply unit, then the Overwatch game could be affected by it. 

Also, if the power supply from the unit to the Graphics Processing Unit is not enough, then it can cause issues to the rendering of the game. 

In that case, it is advisable that you examine the hardware components. Check for faulty cables or cords for the power supply. If there are any faulty cables or cord, then try replacing them with new ones. 

If there is an issue with the hardware components that you think you may not be able to fix, then take help from a technician to get it done. Besides, the technician would be able to recognize what is wrong with the hardware. 

Method 6: Change PC Settings

Here is one last thing you could try doing:

The first thing you need to do is, click on the “Shutdown” option at the bottom left corner. Keep in mind to press the “Shift” button at the same time. Then, click on the option called “Restart”. 

Then go to the option called “Settings”. From here, choose the option called “Change PC settings”. 

Now, click on the tab called “General”. And then go to the “Advanced Startup”. Then, choose the option called “Restart Now”. Then click on the option called “Troubleshoot”. After that click on the button called “UEFI Firmware Settings”. Now finally click on the “Restart” option. 

The next box that will appear, is the BIOS mode menu. In there, choose the tab called “Advanced” and then click on the “Performance” option. Then find the option called “Overclocking”. Now simply disable this option. 

No using the F10 key, exit the BIOS mode menu and then restart the system. Open Overwatch and by now hopefully, the issue has been resolved.