In the 21st century, the world has achieved major successes in terms of technology. The technology is getting incorporated in every field around us. We see various innovative devices like smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets that we use every day. All these things are not new to us but the incorporation of technology in the education system is quite new. There are various applications of technology in the education system like digital classes and resources can be used to increase the efficiency of the class. Nowadays, every college and university is taking the help of digital resources like videos and short animations to make the topics clearer to the students. Another application is technology is in the form of online proctoring. Online proctoring is a form of examination that is taken online which means, people from any part of the world an participate in the exam right from their homes.

Online proctoring is gaining more and more popularity because of its numerous advantages. It includes different requirements that the test-taker has to fulfill before being able to sit in the exam. The test-taker must have a webcam, speaker, and a stable internet connection. A stable internet connection is very important so that you don’t have to struggle with the slow speed of the exam because it can make you perform badly. Usually, a wireless network is not preferred because these networks are slower than wired ones. This exam is offered by various companies like Mettl which have different features and provide different services. Mettl provides various services that can make the candidate completely focus on the exam. First of all, online proctoring software companies provide identity authentication so that only the registered test-takers can access the entry in the exam. Once you have entered the exam, the software ensures that you can’t access the internet because many students access the internet to cheat on the exam.

types of online proctoring

There are three types of online proctoring which are:

Live online proctoring:

live online proctoring can be considered somewhat similar to offline proctoring because it is also monitored by a proctor. A proctor or a professor can monitor up to 16 to 32 candidates depending on the tools being used. The proctor can have other people to monitor the candidates’ activities so that any cheating in the form of unauthorized internet surfing can be prevented. Despite the similarities between offline proctoring and live one, it is still considered better because the candidates can give the test from anywhere.

Recorded proctoring

as clear by the name, this type of proctoring includes the recording of the audio, video and the screen are checked by a proctor. Even though it doesn’t involve the presence of the real-time proctor, it still required a human to watch and monitor the actions of the candidates. This can be easily done by playing the recording at 3times to 20times speed which makes the process faster.

Advanced automated proctoring

this type of proctoring is considered as the most reliable one because it involves no human review. The candidates’ audio, video, and screen get recorded, and along with that, the system also monitors the candidates for whether they are paying attention. The system has modified intelligence with which it monitors audio and video. The system also monitors for whether there are any suspicious objects in the room or if there are any background noises that can be suspicious. This method is very effective and cost-efficient.

These types of proctoring are different in their way and can be used under different circumstances. All these types offer similar benefits to the students and also to the candidates. Here are some of the

Benefits of online proctoring:

  • Better accessibility: online proctoring is more accessible than offline examinations because one can easily access the exam from anywhere. This is very effective especially in times of coronavirus since there are only remote activities available. Many institutes use this technology to conduct examinations for disable children to make the process accessible.
  • Complete verification: online proctoring enables the test givers to identify the candidate so that only the registered candidates can take the exam. This is done with the help of verification ID and facial recognition.
  • Better analyzation: online proctoring can include recording which is a better way of assessing the candidates. The proctor can analyze every move of the student during the examination, therefore, providing better solutions for improved grades and education quality. Further, these recordings can be assessed anytime depending on the needs.
  • Better security: online proctoring has better security because all the moves of the candidate are being monitored closely and the screen is also being monitored. This leaves no chances for the candidate to even think about cheating. The candidate cannot access other websites which can prevent unnecessary internet surfing. Further, the artificial intelligence can monitor the background for any suspicious objects or other activities. It can also detect the presence of another person in the room that approves the technology.
  • Professional review: one can choose for an additional layer of security by incorporating human proctors. This can ensure the complete monitoring of the candidates with human intelligence incorporated with an artificial one. This is much better for the students because it can prevent any false red flags by artificial intelligence.


Online proctoring is a growing technology in various countries. It is being used by numerous universities and colleges all around the world to conduct different kinds of examinations. If you are thinking about involving online proctoring in your system, then it is important to choose the best service provider which is Mettl. Various companies can provide all the benefits of online proctoring at the most reasonable prices. One can choose various services for online testing for example, different types of proctoring which you can choose to get better results depending on your needs and the things that can go better with your existing education system. These services are what can help your institutions to become more successful in the learning process.