Microsoft Office is known to be one of the most powerful applications that Microsoft decided to build. Because of eh varied range of features it has to offer, it makes it quite popular for use. Be it professional or personal, Microsoft Office makes sure you get your work done either way. 

If you’re wondering then, Microsft Office version 2019 has been released. The new version consists of many improved features. Along with that, the security measures have also been enhanced. So if you’re here to get more details on Micorosft office activation, go through the rest of the contents below on the Microsoft office activation key!

Here’s How You Can Check Microsoft Office Activation Status!

If you are wondering what is the status of the Microsoft office activation version you’re using, then here’s what you can do to check it:

For, Microsoft office 365 product key activation, first, go to “Start”, then from search, look up any Microsoft Office program. Such as MS Office, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. 

Once you’re in any of the Microsoft application programs, go to the top panel and select the option called “File”. In the following box, go to the option called “Account”. Now, in the next box, you’d be able to see the information on the status of MS Office activation. 

If you see that status as “Product Activated” then it is needless to say that the application has a license. However, if you see the status as “Product Activation” then it implies that you need to activate the application. 

 There’s another method that you can use to check the Microsoft office 365 activation key. Simply go to “Start”, search for This PC” or “My Computer”. Then from there, go to the “C” directory. After that, I got to “Program Files” and then finally go to the folder where the Windows Microsoft office installation package is located. 

Then launch a window for Command. In there, enter the following command,

“CD<office installation path>”. 

Now you’d have to run the program called “cscript ospp.vbs/dstatus”. 

Once the script is executed, you’d get the information on the license. Now let’s begin with the activation of Microsoft Office. 

Easy Ways On Activating Microsoft Office 365!

The following methods on activating Microsoft Office go out for the versions that are running without any license. Go through the methods below:

1. Activate From Microsoft Account

In order to activate MS Office, you need to know that having a product key is not necessary as long as you have the license. All you need to do is activate with the help of a Microsoft Account and here’s how to do it the right way:

Go to the “Start” section. From there, launch the Microsoft Office application. Preferably Microsoft Office of Word. You’d be asked to enter the login credentials to log in to the account. 

Or, you can also go to the section and click on the option called “File”. From there, select the option called “Account”. Then in the following window, select the option called “product activation”. 

Now make sure you enter the login credentials of the account that has been licensed. If you have more than one license for multiple Microsoft Accounts, then choose a license from the list of options. 

2. Activate From Product Key

So, Microsoft office product activation failed? If you’ve purchased the license from any online platform then the activation key will be in the form of a product key. Before you sign in to Microsoft Office, it is advisable that you link the Microsoft account with the product key. 

Once you’re all set doing the office 365 product key, here’s what to do next on how to activate office:

Open any web browser and then go to the address bar. In there, write, “” and hit the enter button. Now, you’d be asked to Sign in to your Microsoft Account. Then, you’d be asked to enter the product key in the blank field. It should be 25 spaces. 

Once you’re entered the product key, enter the rest of the field. Select your region and the language. Then click on the “Next” button. Now you’ll be redirected to a page called “Microsoft Services & Subscription”. 

Navigate to the product from the list and then click on the option called “Install Now”. once the setup has been successfully downloaded, click on it to open. Then, click on the option at the top called “file”. From there, select the option called “Account”. Then finally, click on “product Activation”. 

3. Activate With Activation Wizard

If the license has ended, then you’d be asked in windows prompt to activate using the Action Wizard.  

Simply click on the Microsoft Office application program. As the license has expired, you’d have an activation wizard box. From there, select the option called “I want to activate the software over the internet”. Then click on the option called “Next”. 

You can also activate the MS Office with MS Support’s help. Simply choose the option called “Telephone” for that, 

Now that you can activate MS Office without any hassle, get it started immediately!